Alberto Novelli has just dropped off a print of the updated mission time line based on the new docking time. Our original detailed time-line post – How ATV kisses Station: Docking timeline – still has the old times, but the sequence is identical and the times only differ by several minutes.

The new, most critical event times are below:

Event Time (GMT) Distance from ISS
S-1 09:51
S-1/2 11:37 39km
S1 12:23 15km
S2 arrival 13:09 3.5km
S2 depart 13:41
S3 arrive 14:21 249m
S3 depart 15:00 estimated
S4 arrive 15:23 estimated 19m
S4 depart 15:38
S41 arrive 15:40 11m
S41 depart 15:45
DOCK 15:49