A nice video update today from ESA TV! This 4-min clip provides a very detailed profile of the ATV Control Centre, in Toulouse, France. The summary reads:

Europe’s second Automated Transfer Vehicle, ATV Johannes Kepler was launched on 16 February by Ariane 5, is now bound for the International Space Station with its record 7 tonne load of freight and fuel supplies. It reaches the ISS on 24 February. Immediately after its separation from the launcher, spaceflight teams took control from the ATV Control Centre in Toulouse, France. ATV’s advanced rendezvous and docking technologies are largely automatic, but engineers there are ready to intervene if required. This video presents the ATV Control Centre and its responsibilities, with interviews with Martial Vanhove, Director of Operations for CNES and Jean-Michel Bois, manager of the ESA teams in Toulouse (Nice work, Martin!).