REPOST – Originally published 16 Feb

For your Saturday evening enjoyment! A gem of a video originally published on ATV launch day, which – of course – quickly sank down the newslist. ESA’s Adam Williams explains how the ATV-CC team has come together to work as one while getting ready for the launch and – still to come – docking. Definitely worth a second look – or first, if you missed it during launch day excitement. — DGS

As we watch the clock for today’s new launch attempt, due at 22:50 CET tonight, here is a rare, behind-the-scenes look at how the ATV-CC team gets trained – an interview with ESA’s Adam Williams. Adam is the specialist who oversees training and simulations for the joint ESA/CNES operations team here, and in today’s video he explains the complexities of training mission controllers on ATV’s sophisticated systems and how team work emerges when challenges are overcome.