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Last update: 25 April 2012

ISS Symposium 2012 – Draft Programme

Day 1:  Wednesday 2nd May 2012

11.00   Registration

13.15   Countdown 
            Uli Bobinger, Moderator ISS Symposium 2012

13.30   Welcome addresses
            Jean-Jacques Dordain, ESA Director General 

            Johann-Dietrich Wörner, CEO DLR
            Philipp Rösler, Federal Minister of Economics and Technology,  
            Federal Chairman of FDP and Vice-Chancellor of Germany

14.20   Agencies Leaders’ Roundtable
             ‘Research on ISS for the benefit of mankind’
             ‘ISS as a stepping stone for Human Exploration’
             Mark Uhran, ISS Director, NASA
            Alexey Krasnov, Director of Human Spaceflight Programme Department, Roscosmos
            Takaaki Iwasa, Director, Office for Space Utilization Promotion, MEXT
            and Kiyoshi Higuchi, Vice President, JAXA
            Gilles Leclerc, Director General, Space Exploration, CSA (Candian Space Agency)
            Jean-Jacques Dordain, ESA Director General

15:45  ‘Europe’s decision to participate in the ISS and the importance of research in
               difficult times’
            Heinz Riesenhuber, Member of Parliament,

            former Federal Minister for Research and Technology

16:00  Coffee break / interview opportunity for media

16:30  ‘Research Overview of ISS Partnership’
            Julie Robinson, ISS Programme Scientist NASA

17:00  ISS Research Highlights: ‘The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer Experiment on ISS –
                An endeavour for a Global Research Collaboration’
            Stefan Schael, Professor for Experimental Physics, RWTH Aachen

18:00   ISS Inspirations

            ‘Living and Working in Space’
            Sergey Krikalev, Chief of the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC)  

18:15   End of 1st Day Programme

19.30 – 23:30 Gala Reception/Dinner at the ‘Museum for Communication’

Day 2:  Thursday 3rd May 2012

09.00  Opening remarks inc. Introduction to Exhibition: ‘A world without gravity –
                 research on ISS for the benefit of life on Earth’
            Thomas Reiter, ESA Director of Human Spaceflight & Operations

09.15  Multimedia Presentation: ‘Message from ISS/PromISSe Mission video’
            Uli Bobinger, Moderator ISS Symposium 2012

09.25  Complex Fluids: ‘From Plasma Research on the ISS to Applications on Earth’
            Gregor Morfill, Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics  

10.00  Advanced Materials Research: ‘Materials research in space and
               industrial R&D practice’
            Robert Guntlin, Managing Director, Access

10.35   Fundamental Physics: ‘High precision space clocks and quantum mechanics’
            Christophe Salomon, Research Director

11.10   Coffee break

11.40   Roundtable: Physical Research in Space and on Ground: ‘Research for
               New Materials and Energy Challenges of tomorrow’
            Chair: Mike Cruise, ESA-PSWG Chair

            Hans Fecht, Chaired Professor and Director, 
            Institute of Micro and Nanomaterials, Ulm University
            David John Jarvis, Head of New Materials & Energy Research, ESA
            Cécile Gehin-Delval, Research Scientist Nestlé Research Center
            Koichi Nishino, Professor of the Departement of Mechanical Engineering,
            Yokohama National University
            Mark Uhran, ISS Director, NASA 
            John Banhart, Professor at the Technical University, Berlin, Germany

12.35    Lunch

13.45   Biotechnology Research: ‘Biotechnology in space’
            Millie Hughes-Fulford, Scientific Advisor to the Undersecretary of the Department of
            Veterans Affairs and Professor at the University of California, San Francisco

14.20   Human Research & Space Medicine: ‘Human Research in Space for life on Earth
                and future Exploration’
            Alexander Choukèr, Senior Physician and Associate Professor at the

            Department of Anaesthesiology, Lecturer at the Ludwig-Maximalians-University of Munich

15.05   Roundtable: Life Sciences in Space and Health on Earth:
                ‘Integrated Human Research for Benefits on Earth
and for Exploration’
             Chair: Rupert Gerzer, Head of DLR Institute of Aerospace Medicine, Cologne, Germany

             Chiaki Mukai, JAXA Astronaut, Vice Director for the Human Space System and
             Utilization Mission Directorate
             Michael Barratt, Physician Astronaut and Manager NASA Human Research Programme 
             Peter Suedfeld, Dean Emeritus of Gradiuate Studies and Professor Emeritus of
             Psychology, University of British Columbia, Canada
             Hermann Kuppe, Director, Institute of Anaesthesiology,
             Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin, Germany
             Boris Morukov, Physician at the State Research Center RF-Institute for 
             Biomedical Problems (IBMP), Russia

15.55   Coffee break

16.25   Earth Observation & Climate change: ‘Earth and Athmosphere monitoring from
            Ryota Sato, Manager of Sensor Technology Office of Earth Observation Research Center

            (EORC), JAXA

16.50   Roundtable: Space Technology and Astroscience: ‘Long-term Space Monitoring
                and Exposure’
            Chair: Waleed Abdalati, NASA Chief Scientist       

            Pascale Ehrenfreund, Reseach Professor of Space Policy and International Affairs,
            Space Policy Institute Washingotn DC and Professor of Astrobiology, Leiden University,
            The Netherlands 
            Julie Robinson, ISS Programme Scientist NASA 
            Masaru Matsuoka, Senior Advisor, RIKEN
            Gerhard Schmidtke, Senior Project Scientist, Fraunhofer Institute for 
            Physical Measurement Techniques, Germany
            Boris Zagreev, Head of Laboratory, Central Research Institute for Machine 
            Building, TsNIIMash, Russia
            Torsten Neubert, Head of Section for Solar System Physics, National Space Institute, 
            Technical University of Denmark  

17.50   ISS Research Outlook: ‘The Importance for Research on ISS –
                a perspective from the US National Academies Decadal Survey’
            Elizabeth Cantwell, Chair of NRC Decadal Survey, USA

18.20   Day 2 Conclusions: ‘ISS Research Accomplishments’
            Waleed Abdalati, NASA Chief Scientist

18.50   End of 2nd Day Programme

20.00   Dinner (River Cruise)

Day 3:  Friday 4th May 2012

09.00   Introduction and Synthesis of Day 2
            Uli Bobinger, Moderator ISS Symposium 2012

09.15   Future Key Research Challenges:

             NASA’s Research Priorities on ISS
             Mark Uhran, ISS Director, NASA

             JAXA’s ISS Utilisation Strategy
             Makato Asashima, AIST/Japan

             Russia’s ISS Research Programme
             Georgy Karabadzhak, TsNIIMash/Russia

             Canadian Research Priorities
             Nicole Buckley, Chief Scientist, ISS and Life Sciences, CSA

             European ISS Research Strategy
             Christer Fuglesang, Head of the Science and Application Division, ESA

10.30   Human Exploration on ISS: ‘Use of ISS for Human Exploration in LEO and
            Charles F. Bolden, Jr., NASA Administrator

11.00   Future ISS Perspectives: ‘ISS and beyond: What is in there for you?’
            Berndt Feuerbacher, ESA-HESAC Chair

11.30   Future ISS Perspectives: ‘The ISS and ESA’s future Science and Technology’
             Michael Longair, ESA HIPAC Chair

11:45   Closing Session: ‘Future Perspectives and Closing Remarks’
            Thomas Reiter, ESA Director of Human Spaceflight & Operations

12.00   Press Conference
            Jean-Jacques Dordain, ESA Director General   

            Charles F. Bolden, Jr., NASA Administrator
            Alexey Krasnov, Director of Human Spaceflight Programme Department, Roscosmos
            Kiyoshi Higuchi, Vice President JAXA
            Gilles Leclerc, Director General for Space Exploration, CSA            
            Thomas Reiter, ESA Director of Human Spaceflight & Operations,
            Head of ESOC, Darmstadt, Germany 

12.30 – 14.00 Business Buffet and End of Symposium