Future ISS Perspectives: ‘ISS and beyond: What is in there for you?’

Berndt Feuerbacher, ESA-HESAC Chair

Download the full presentation slides: ISS and beyond: What is in there for you?

Editor’s note: These brief extracts are paraphrased from live webcast and may not be fully correct. 

  • We saw great examples over the past days but there is more to the ISS.
  • By expanding ISS utilisation we add ‘three further generations of PhD students’ [worth]’ of research possibilities.
  • ISS utilisation is at a turning point
  • We are seeing industrial applications from space research such as turbine blades and plasma therapy.
  • Quantum physics research is comeing to the ISS. The ACES space clock is the first step but more research is possible.
  • These are not just toys for scientists but promise radically new technologies and will have economic impact.
  • When I was young we had a laser in our research lab. Nobody imagined that they would be in everyone’s homes as CD players were a few years later.
  • I wish that partners: reduce mission costs, shorten access times & lessen paperwork, include the private sector and enlarge ISS to more international partners.
  • Beyond 2020 we need to involve private companies, but actions need to be taken now to prepare for this.
  • The most fascinating destination for humans is Mars.
  • To get to Mars we will need major technology changes, such as new propulsion systems, self-supporting life systems and changes in communication.
  • Future exploration requires huge efforts and is a task for humanity as a whole.
  • A tool exists to coordinate a global exploration effort: the International Space Exploration Group.
  • Human exploration is starting today, global cooperation, economic progress, innovation, inspiration and increase in knowledge await all who join in the endeavour.
  • The ISS is available now: let’s use it!