Editor’s note: These brief extracts are paraphrased from live webcast and may not be fully correct.

Future ISS Perspectives: ‘The ISS and ESA’s future Science and Technology’
             Michael Longair, ESA HISPAC Chair

Download the full presentation slides: The ISS and ESA’s Future Science and Technology

  • There is a fine line between science, applied science and technology in ESA activities.
  • HISPAC (High-level Science Policy Advisory Committee) was set up to think about interdisciplinary  science and technology without considering financial or political restraints.
  • The HISPAC team is made up of star scientists.
  • ESA reorganised the structure of its science advisory.
  • In preparation for the ESA ministerial council meeting HISPAC was asked to prepare long-term grand science themes across all ESA programmes.
  • The director general himself has not seen these themes:
  • 1. Cosmic climate: Earth observation and studying exo-planets.
  • 2. Understanding gravity: gravity influences everything
  • 3. Life in the universe
  • 4. Cosmic magnetism and high energy particles in space.
  • We need to look at space research horizontally across broad scientific themes.