Editor’s note: These brief extracts are paraphrased from live webcast and may not be fully correct.

             Canadian Research Priorities
             Nicole Buckley, Chief Scientist, ISS and Life Sciences, CSA

Download the full presentation slides: Priorities for ISS Utilization at the Canadian Space Agency

  • Exploration on Earth is not fast, not cheap and not easy.
  • Exploring the north west passage took centuries but the benefits are obvious.
  • Canada is a small country with strengths in robotic arms.
  • Canada will continue to develop its strengths.
  • We need to engage the public to continue to support exploration.
  • By applying an open innovation model we are involving as many communities as possible working together.
  • We need the results from space on Earth now.
  • People should say when they visit the doctor: “I want the same technology the astronauts have”