Day 2 Conclusions: ‘ISS Research Accomplishments’
            Waleed Abdalati, NASA Chief Scientist

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Humans are bound to thrive and explore. We should mitigate the risks of space of exploration.

We saw:

  • New alloys for jet-turbine blades
  • Converting liquids into solids by applying a magnetic field
  • Using the ISS for Earth observation, ISS flies over populated parts of the Earth.
  • AMS-02 shows that shared commitment produces tremendous achievements, one of which is the ISS.
  • There is a tremendous push to show applications from science. We should not lose sight of discoveries. Today’s applications such as using plasma technology to cure wounds were yesterdays discoveries.

We are on a collective journey, a journey of civilisation. It is not about building the ISS, it is about moving civilisation to the future. And the future is bright.