Editor’s note: These brief extracts are paraphrased from live webcast and may not be fully correct.

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  • Why are we doing this? The global challenges that we face offer many reasons. But the ISS supplies a definite curiosity. Space can give answers to some questions we have.
  • Global space cooperation started in Germany with the film Orion, predicting the international character of space travel.
  • We will use ISS until 2020 and beyond. Target maximum scientific exploitation. We will make 5 ATVs and possibly more, but in what form?
  • Creation of a Multi Purpose Concept Versatile Service Module, i.e. a versatile module. A module that can be used for several different purposes.
  • Legitimation pressure. Don’t we have enough problems on Earth? Together we can show that the ISS is showing a large variety of value for the public.
  • Invention to innovation, direct — like sending a man to the moon. Or the ‘Teflon-pan effect’, although not a benefit from space research, everyone understands what is meant. When conducting fundamental research we need to think of the Teflon effect. Think in advance of potential benefits of research.
  • Example: AMS-02 started from curiosity. When Einstein though of relativity, nobody thought of satellite navigation; however without it satellite positioning would not be possible. Who knows what AMS-02 will bring?