Credits: A. Kumar

Alex continues his blogging for the New York Times. Read his latest article on his next Antarctic endeavour:

Alongside my unusual day job, I have recently been beavering away, creating a substantial human science research project for Sir Ranulph Fiennes’s coming Antarctica winter expedition, in partnership with Michael Stroud, physician, world-renowned extreme physiologist and a member of the Order of the British Empire.

Dr. Stroud, who has overwintered in Antarctica and joined Sir Ranulph on many of his expeditions, including crossing Antarctica on foot for the first time, had invited me to help organize the human science research to be carried out onboard the coming Trans-Antarctic winter crossing.

Living through the “worst winter in the world” over the past year at Concordia Station, I know exactly what the team will face, as well as what would be possible in terms of science.

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