Today in-between running two research sessions, after lunch I took a stroll outside. There was some light – so for once I did not need a head torch.

Sitting waiting for the Sun outside Concordia

Credits: ESA/IPEV/ENEA-A. Kumar

Everything had changed. I was in an alien land. I was so used to the dark, navigating one footstep at a time, only seeing as far as the artificial light from my head torch shone. Around me it used to be pitch black. Now for a few hours a day, the Sun remains trapped below the horizon but you get the feeling that it is bursting at its seams to rise above the horizon.

Among the Sastrugi, I found a natural ledge to perch on and peer into the horizon. I had the 1000 metre stare, that all overwinterers have had at some point – a distant, absent minded long stare into a blank horizon as if waiting for a space rocket to take off.

The Sun is coming. My eyes shed tears from the cold which immediately froze to my face.

We expect the Sun to return around the 10th August or 11th perhaps.

I would be keen to know what you would do – having not seen the Sun for over 3 months- how you would mark the celebration?

Not long now…