“Pizzudos di Ovodda”

“Pizzudos di Ovodda” Credits: G. Deidda

Chef Giorgio writes: I was very busy during midwinter. Every day I prepared a different evening meal for the themes we had chosen. They varied from Arabic to Roman flavours. On midwinter day itself we had a gourmet meal themed around polar explorer Ernest Shackleton. I made a specialty from Sardinia where I grew up. Called “Pizzudos di Ovodda” it is a large ravioli, stuffed with melted soft cheese and Pecorino, served with potatoes and a simple basil-tomato sauce and flakes of Parmesan.

Sometimes, if I am lucky, I have time for a siesta where I dream up new recipes. Down here in Concordia our dreams are extremely vivid and they have often been inspirational to my cooking.

During midwinter I did not have much time for naps but everyone on the base helped out whenever possible and ensured it was a week that none of us would ever forget.

Attached are some photos of the meals I prepared.  Enjoy!

Arabian Dinner:

Olives “Kemia”, Chicken Brioutas , Stuffed Dates, Arabian Bread and Couscous Royale.

Credits: G. Deidda

Midwinter day:

Pizzudos di Ovodda, Black truffle scented bread, Lemon Sorbet, Sea food Salted Brioche, Roasted Whole Blue Eye Trevalla Fish with red rice garnish. Individual cake with “Crème Pâtissière” and Strawberry Confit with  Cinnamon homemade Ice cream.

Credits: G. Deidda

Gallo-Roman Dinner:

Roasted turkey, guinea-fowl and veal leg, “Magic Potion” Soup, “Amaranto” Bread, Fried boletus Mushrooms. Chestnuts with veal demi-glace juice. Blue berries in “Crème Anglaise”.

Credits: G. Deidda


Day 5:

Savoyard Fondue with 5 kinds of bread: Poppy seeds, sesame, bacon, Truffles and Nuts. A selection of Salami. Two flavours of  homemade ice cream and meringue “Vesuvius Omelet” flambéed.

Credits: G. Deidda

You can see more photos on my facebook page Chef Giorgio Deidda.