We just wrapped up the first ESA Clean Space Twitter Q&A and it was great! A huge thanks to all participants for the many excellent questions, which we have collected below. From general queries and explanations on what space debris exactly are to how debris are defined to more specific queries regarding technologies for mitigation and space-policy related matters – they’re all below.

The ESA Clean Space (Q&A) team

ESA Clean Space (Q&A) team – also note the ESOC colleagues D. Scuka & Holger Krag. Image: ESA/M. Trovatello.

Your questions were answered by:

  • Tiago Soares – Clean Space system engineer
  • Antonio Gabriele – Earth Observation Programme system engineer
  • Luisa Innocenti – Head of Clean Space Office
  • Holger Krag – Head of the Space Debris office
  • Jessica Delaval – Clean Space Coordinator
  • Sean Blair – Senior Editor Space for Engineering and Technology
  • Daniel Scuka – Senior Editor for Spacecraft Operations
  • Marco Trovatello – Cross-Media Coordinator

ESA Clean Space (Q&A) team — also note the ESOC colleagues D. Scuka & Holger Krag in the background. Image: ESA/L. Innocenti.

So, as this for sure wasn’t our last Q&A on how to make space more eco-friendly, we’ll be back with our next session sometime soon (we’ll possibly even try a reddit AMA next time).

A lesson learned already today is that we have to dedicate more time next time!

See you soon!

– The ESA Clean Space, Space Debris & Communication team