Queries magazine, Summer 2015 issue

Queries magazine, Summer 2015 issue. Source: queries-feps.eu

The current (summer) issue of Queries, the ‘european progressive magazine’, features a byline article by Fernando Doblas, Head of ESA’s Communication Department and co-author of this blog.

Entitled “The European Space Agency – a Europe that dares”, the article starts with how ESA’s Rosetta Mission might have changed something, both in the minds of European ministers responsible for space activities and also of the society, and unfolds why space research is not a public expense, but a true investment in the future. Doblas outlines his conviction that every euro put in the space sector is well invested and that European space cooperation, through ESA, is a prime example of a successful Europe:

“ESA guarantees that the financial investments of each country will be returned to their industry in the form of high-tech contracts. Thanks to these ‘industrial returns’, the industries of each member country can develop technologically, learn to work together, and gain competitiveness. ESA is thus a tool for cooperation and progress. Our vision of success is to set high goals and to go through long-term efforts to achieve them.”

The quarterly Queries magazine is available free of charge on the web, you may read it as a flipbook or download it in PDF format. The above mentioned article can be found in Issue #7, page 90, and it is accompanied by a short portfolio highlighting some of ESA’s activities. This issue included many more articles worth reading by authors such as Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, Heiko Maas, German Federal Minister of Justice or English filmmaker Ken Loach.

Queries magazine is published  by the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS).