Recently, the german Grimme Institute nominated ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst for the prestigious Grimme Online Award in category ‘special’ .

ESA Astronaut Alexander Gerst. Credit: ESA/NASA.

Nominee for 2015 Grimme Online award: ESA Astronaut Alexander Gerst. Credit: ESA/NASA.

“Time and again, there are social media channels that attract the particular interest of the nominating commission. This year it was german astronaut Alexander Gerst, who as „Astro-Alex“ shared his experiences on-board the International Space Station ISS with users via Twitter.”

(Translated from the press release)

“With high photographic quality, personal, often entertaining and touching words Alexander Gerst’s view on Earth consistently pointed out how fragile our planet is.”

(Translated from the Nominees page)

And the nominees are …

Provider: ESA – European Space Agency

Author, Photographer: Alexander Gerst

Editorial Board: Maria Bennett, Jules Grandsire, Julien Harrod, Andreas Schepers

With the support of: Melanie Cowan, Jocelyne Landeau-Constantin, Erica Rolfe, Rosita Suenson, Marco Trovatello, Carl Walker, Barbara Weimer, Bernhard von Weyhe


While the jury will now determine the prize winners, members of the public may also vote for the audience award (web site german only). The award ceremony will take place on 18 June 2015 in Cologne, Germany.

Watch live: