AGPA tools ready for the Pangaea mission in Lanzarote, Spain. Copyright: Angelo Pio Rossi

The Pangaea-X test campaign brought together geology, high-tech survey equipment and space exploration. On the island of Lanzarote, Spain, Pangaea-X run for five days in November 2017 and mobilised 50 people, four space agencies and 18 organisations. 

The exercise, a first on planet Earth in preparation for missions to the Moon and Mars, is already producing its first scientific results.

Angelo Pio Rossi, Professor of Earth and Planetary Science at Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany, gives us the latest updates on the AGPA set of experiments in a blog entry. Drones, lasers and geophysical surveying created maps of lava tubes as never seen before. Get a sneak 3D preview of volcano and cave reconstructions and check out a wealth of scientific data publicly available stemming from Pangaea-X on Angelo’s latest post.

More science coming soon!