During MSG3 Sims Campaign someone did a joke about a possible virus in the MCS…bad move! Sim Officers use everything they can to harm the Ops!

So it was a FCT-A Sim and SoftCoord-A Gianpiero would be on shift. I contacted Ritchie Kay, at the time our SoftCoord-B, to help me with the task of installing a “fake” virus in the MCS. Ritchie designed a python script that when executed would block the screen of a specific client. Here what he sent me during the preparation:

“…What it does is to fill the right-hand screen with a grey box with skull and crossbones in the middle with
the message ‘This station has been infected by the MSG-3 Death Virus!’ in large letters. This message is
always on-top and can’t be minimised – hence the workstation becomes unusable. I put it on the
right-hand screen so that you can see it on VSDS….”   It was brilliant, Ritchie!

Suddenly, Gianpiero started to get desperate calls coming from PSR where the poor PST was suffering from a “virus” attack. It did not take too much time and the “virus” also spread to the MCR….and Cross Bones in all Monitors everywhere…poor SWS colleagues!