Feeling Earth from space

Today, the International Space Station became a testbed for technologies that will allow astronauts to control rovers on planets as they orbit above. The Haptics-2 experiment allows astronauts to feel the force through a connected joystick that...


Les expériences Proxima – CNES : #3 Aquapad

France's space agency CNES developed seven experiments for the Proxima mission. Aquapad aims to simplify testing the Space Station's water supply. Site de la mission Proxima : http://proxima.cnes.fr Crédits : CNES. http://cnes.fr


Philippe Bioulez, CADMOS MacGyver

The only technician in a team of 30 engineers, Philippe Bioulez is nicknamed CADMOS's MacGyver His talent is to find surprising solutions to out of the ordinary problems.

Diary entry 5: the spacewalk

In collaboration with le Parisien Magazine / Aujourd'hui-en-France Magazine Believe it or not, a few weeks ago when I saw that a spacewalk was on my agenda, I did not jump for joy. I am a rational...

HTV-6 supply ship. Credits: ESA/NASA

Watch HTV-6 undocking live

Today the Japanese cargo supply ship HTV-6 will leave the International Space Station after 46 days. The cargo ship arrived 12 December and was captured using the Station's Canadarm by NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough and ESA astronaut...

Social Media Messages for Thomas

Here is our roundup of messages for Thomas Pesquet, that we send to him on the International Space Station. TWITTER @Thom_astro Bonne année Thomas ! De la part de Oriane, 4 ans et Thomas, 6 ans#proxima pic.twitter.com/CQSglCt9c1...

SPACEWALK: Latest Updates

We will be posting updates on today's Spacewalk below: 11:55 The crew is 30 minutes ahead of schedule: Thomas (EV2) and Shane (EV1) are already in the Quest airlock. The spacewalk was planned to start at 13:05...

Thomas and Shane in spacesuits prebreathing. Credits: NASA

Spacewalk prebreathing

Before ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet and NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough head out into space they "prebreathe" to purge their bodies of nitrogen. Inside the International Space Station the astronauts live in air at pressures similar to on...