Social Media Messages for Thomas – Birthday special

Here is our roundup of messages for Thomas Pesquet, that we send to him on the International Space Station.


#ThomasPesquet #100daysinspace #spacecake #illustration #ISS #ESA #NASA #CNESS

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Cette année on se déguise en Thomas Pasquet #thomaspesquet #mardigras #heroes #astro #astronaut @thom_astro

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#thomaspesquet @thegardenfamily

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Premier exposé de CE1 #thomaspesquet #mamantropfiere

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Deux aventures extraordinaires.Après avoir travaillé sur l'espace grâce au voyage de l'astronaute Thomas Pesquet, nous...

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Le Scuole in Rete lanciano nello spazio gli auguri a Thomas Pe...

Le Scuole in rete nello spazio: a Colonia presso il centro addestramento per astronauti dell'Esa abbiamo potuto inviare gli auguri all'unico astronauta Europeo attualmente presente nella Stazione Spaziale internazionale: Thomas Pesquet. Happy Birthday Thomas Pesquet!

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  • Sherwin A. Hidalgo says:

    Awesome birthday messages. Thomas surely deserve the very best.

  • AUDABRAM says:

    Hello, we are French students from a high school in Brittany and we want to send you a message. We are studying the notion idea of progress for our exam and it seemed to us that your adventure in space was an appropriate topic.
    We all feel admiration for you. We imagine that you have discovered that space was beautiful. Do you think that you will feel like going back to space when your mission comes to an end? Thank you for this incredible adventure. All the best!
    The René Cassin High School students.

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