Back to the future: Hitchhiker’s Guide to Tweetups v2.0

A repost of the classic and extremely well-written Hitchhiker’s Guide to Tweetups, by Angie Kanellopoulou, aka @akanel.

Admittedly, this was written a few years back, when #SocialMedia was all about Twitter (hence the title). But we think the pointers, lessons learned and overall amazing enthusiasm for space contained in this short PDF applies equally well to the multi-platform #SocialSpace era of today!

And, again, our enduring thanks for the multilanguage versions in IT, FR, DE, NL, ES, and GR contiibuted under Angie’s overall direction by:

  1. Italian: @amoroso – Paolo Amoroso
  2. French: @Brigitte_Ba – Brigitte Bailleul
  3. German: @starlingLX – Alex von Eckartsberg
  4. Dutch: @justbe74 – Joachim Baptist
  5. Spanish: @wicho – Javier Pedreira
  6. Greek: @jkanel – John Kanel

You guys officially ROCK! 🙂

Access ZIP archive via:

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