ESTEC SpaceTweetup programme

. Visit Test Centre, Telerobotics lab, 3D tour ISS 12:30-13:00 Coffee & sandwiches, spacetweeps/twitternauts introductions 13:00-13:30 Meet Franco Ongaro, Director of ESA’s Technology Centre ESTEC 13:30-14:15 Meet Christer Fuglesang, ESA astronaut – Space Shuttle flights STS-116 (Celsius mission) and STS-128 (Alissé mission) to the ISS 14:15-14:30 Movie presentations at Space Expo Arianezaal: “ESTEC – ESA’s Technical heart” and “Andre Kuipers introduces ESTEC” 14:30-14:50 Walk over to ESA Telerobotics Laboratory 14:50–15:30 Hands-on activities at the ESA Telerobotics Lab 16:00-17:00 Visit SpaceExpo 17:00 End of the SpaceTweetup – don’t forget that group picture!

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