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19:15 CET – Waiting for AOS

FOLLOW @ESA_ROSETTA FOR SIGNAL CONFIRMATION Now, the mission control team is waiting for acquisition of signal – AOS – from Rosetta. This image shows the signal analyser display from NASA’s 70m tracking station at Goldstone (showing, currently, noise). The...

Waiting in the MCR. Credit: ESA/J. Mai

Views from ESOC MCR

A quick snap of the action this afternoon in the Main Control Room at ESOC, in Darmstadt, Germany. Images credit: ESA/J. Mai

20 January 2014 10:00 UTC

It’s the moment we’ve been talking about for weeks, months, and years, as seen in the Main Control Room at ESOC, Darmstadt.

Rosetta wake-up timeline 20 January

This post will be updated shortly with a full mission control timeline for 20 January. The Rosetta mission control team at ESOC is expecting to receive the signal between 17:30-18:30 UTC.


REPLAY: Rosetta media briefing 10 December

Watch the replay of the media briefing on the Rosetta wake-up and year ahead, live from ESA’s European Space Operations Centre on Tuesday, 10 December (links to presentation files & videos below). Links to the presentation files are below. Comets as cosmic time capsules: Rosetta’s scientific goals Rosetta 2014: The Final Countdown The role of Germany in Rosetta The Role of France in Rosetta ESA’s Rosetta mission communications/PR campaign      

Rosetta and Philae engineering testing at ESOC today

The joint ESA/DLR team are working this week at ESOC, testing the Philae lander simulator together with the Rosetta engineering model (photos in Flickr). ESA’s Armelle Hubault, from the Rosetta flight control team, just sent in this update: Today, we are simulating the need for a shift in the separation time, i.e. the time when the lander separates from the Rosetta spacecraft. The purpose of this test is to verify that the procedures we have in place to shift all Lander activities is working as expected. In our simulation, separation was originally planned at 15:00 CET, (and all the Lander data commands were uplinked as they would be, using this time). Then,...

Rosetta’s l’il buddy Philae arrives at ESOC...

Another milestone day in Rosetta’s journey, this time right here on Earth, at ESOC! The Philae lander hardware simulator arrived at ESOC today, carefully shepherded by a team of our colleagues from DLR. It is now being installed in the clean room beside the giant, life-size Rosetta engineering model (EQM). Armelle Hubault, from the Rosetta Flight Control Team at ESOC, says that the two models will be connected together and then the ESA/DLR teams will begin extensive testing of the software that has been newly developed for Rosetta, to ensure it works properly with the lander.  

Rosetta flight control team training at ESOC

The Rosetta flight control team are in training today at ESOC, working in the Rosetta Dedicated Control Room with the experts from the Sim team. They’re simulating 5 May 2014, when a manoeuvre is expected. On that day, the actual one-way signal time will be about 40 minutes; to facilitate today’s sim, they are ‘playing’ the one-way time at just 10 mins.