Rosetta’s Earth ‘twin’ switched off

Just as the real Rosetta spacecraft ended its mission on the comet a week ago today, so this week Rosetta’s ‘twin’, an engineering qualification model here on Earth, was also switched off.

The replica Rosetta had been used in the past decade to test and validate software and procedures before being uploaded to space. Switch-off was done by Rosetta Spacecraft Operations Manager Sylvain Lodiot on 6 Oct 2016, at ESOC.

This Flickr set records the occasion:




  • Erik says:

    Will this eventually land in a museum or be cannibalized for other projects?

  • logan says:

    .The floppy, the flamboyant CD… The User Interface.

    The ‘hand’ computer taking the photo shot quite probably a lot more powerful. but not BETTER.

    ROSETTA an event of our lives because technology was RESPECTED.

  • logan says:

    My heart and thoughts with all the men and women arriving at the closure of Rosetta’s Odyssey.

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