Loss of signal confirmation

Spacecraft Operations Manager Sylvain Lodiot confirms loss of signal (LOS) and end of Rosetta operations at 13:19 CEST, 30 September 2016, via the voice loop in the Main Control Room at ESA’s space operations centre, Darmstadt, Germany.



  • Doug says:

    My Firefox browser won’t play Soundcloud content. Can the audio be provided as an MP3 file for download?

  • Jonathan says:

    Many thanks to all of you for this fantastic adventure.

  • Rod Jenkins says:

    And thus ended a 30 year golden era of cometary exploration: started by Giotto and today ending with the Rosetta spacecraft arriving on the comet. A brilliant achievement for European space. Those involved are true comet pioneers.

  • Jasmin patel says:

    I’m sure this is a basic and naïve question but Why did Rosetta have to stop communication once it arrived onto the comet? Would the landing have destroyed Rosetta? Wouldn’t we want to maintain communication with Rosetta to learn about the comet, where it’s headed, its speed composition, temperature, etc?

    • Harvey says:

      Jasmin. Rosetta was not designed to withstand a landing and will undoubtedly have suffered damage. It has to be as light as possible, so it’s not physically very strong, it was designed to work in weightless conditions, and the big solar panels and high gain antenna (dish) will be damaged for sure.
      But even if they weren’t, it could no longer point it’s antenna at earth, or keep its solar panels turned to the sun.
      So the landing was always going to be ‘fatal’.

  • Sylvain says:

    Fantastic adventure
    Merci pour nous avoir tenus en haleine ces dernieres annees, a bientot sur une prochaine mission

  • Bill Harris says:

    A wondrous journey. Thanks Rosetta, Philae and ESA Team!

  • Marc says:

    Well done!
    Congratulations to the whole team!
    Special thanks to flight dynamics team!
    Good bye and sleep well everybody…

  • Dan says:

    Congratulations to all involved in this mission. In terms of achievement, it’s up there with the Apollo program.

  • David St. Einberg says:

    The audio plays just fine in my Firefox browser…

    An outstanding mission with many more to come.

  • Cori Drojan says:

    ¡Gracias Rosetta!

  • Luigi says:

    Grazie di tutto a chi ha pensato, costruito e ideato Rosetta. Grazie a chi ne ha seguito le ricerche. Grazie a chi la fatta atterrare. Grazie!

  • Andrew Rennie says:

    Doug, At top right corner is a downward pointing arrow. Click on this to download a 1.3 megabyte WAV file called rosetta-eofm.wav

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