Live from Rosetta mission control

Live Twitter Periscope visit to the Rosetta mission control team on console in the Main Control Room at ESOC, Darmstadt, Germany, for today’s #CometLanding. Hosted by Daniel Scuka, from the ESA web team.



  • Toni-Lee Mckillop-Davies says:

    Thank goodness for technology, without it’s extreme growth and intelligence we would never be able to witness such amazing footage, photography, measurement, knowledge and evidence. It’s simply so interesting, extremely factual and is helping us gain a broader understanding of what is outside of planet earth and what these places, things, habitats have in common or distinct differences to our own planet. It’s so amazing and we are very lucky to have been intelligent enough to invent the resources required for our people to learn about such things .

    • Ken scoggins says:

      Watched the landing on the comet, was surprised that a site was picked with limited sun light, why was a comet picked for this mission? Don’t comets continue on a orbit around the sun? Then there may be a chance that the sun may bring it back.

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