Impact time update: 10:38 UT

Based on the Navigation Camera images taken shortly after last night’s collision manoeuvre, flight dynamics analysis has refined the predicted time of Rosetta’s impact into the Ma’at region on the small lobe of Comet 67P/C-G to 10:38:32 UT+/- 2 minutes at the comet.

Because of the 40 minute signal travel time between Rosetta and the Earth today, confirmation of the mission’s end will arrive at ESA’s mission control at 11:18 UT/ 13:18 CEST +/- 2 minutes.

Follow for live coverage later today.





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  • Martin J D Young says:

    Great stuff, it’s hard to believe that as little as ten years ago we never photographed the nucleus of a comet. Congratulations ESA. ( and thanks Emily)

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