Impact site is coming in to view!

We just received this image from the OSIRIS wide-angle camera, taken at 02:17 UT at the comet. It shows the target impact region just coming in to view in the lower left –look for the distinctive shape of the Ma’at pits.

It was taken from a distance of about 15.5 km; the image scale is about 1.56 m/pixel and the image measures 3.2 km across.






  • Booth says:


    Three quick questions for you …
    1) What time did you start your shift? I note the frequency of new threads over the last three days and hope you are getting sufficient sleep. 🙂
    2) Given the update on landing, is there a timeline and altitude estimate for the last OSIRIS image? And,
    3) Might it be possible to get relative ‘approach’ velocity values with each of the descent images?

    Thank you in advance. And a thousand thank yous for your extraordinary work in the final days of this amazing mission! Fantastic!

    • emily says:

      Hi Booth!
      Sorry we didn’t have time to answer your questions on Friday, as you can see with the frequency of updates, we were very busy indeed!
      I will let you into a secret – some of the blog posts I had prepared in advance, so although it had my name on, it might have been Claudia or Daniel that filled in the final details before publishing it 😉
      We have had some very long days and nights working on Rosetta, but it is always worth it. (And we have all been catching up on sleep over the weekend :-)).

  • Mark Dietrich says:

    Farewell OSIRIS. Hello Rosetta.

  • Arthur says:

    What if Rosetta continues to transmit after landing

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