Descent images begin!

We’ve started to get images from Rosetta’s descent. This one was taken by the OSIRIS narrow-angle camera at 01:20 UT, from a distance of around 16 km.

The image scale is about 30 cm/pixel and the image measures about 614 m across.




  • Ramcomet says:

    Feeling the “Butterflies” Rosetta? We sure are…

    Land like a Butterfly!

    Godspeed ESA, Rosetta and Philae!!!

    Thrilling and Chilling all at once!

  • andres fernandez says:

    Todo es extraordinario. Gracias

  • Carl Smith says:

    Hail, Rosetta, and farewell.
    You have increased us all.
    To everyone involved, giving years of your lives to this grand scheme, thank you so much. So very much. So very well done.

    Now, go enjoy your barbecue. You’ve earned it many times over.

  • Alan says:

    Is that the Hatmahit area?

  • BRYCE says:


  • jacoba says:

    thanks for all the interesting work and findings, pictures etc….

  • virginia says:

    Who could have ever thought that we’d live to take a voyage around the solar system with a comet!!
    What a thrilling trip it’s been,
    Thank you so much Scientists et Al

  • Chandrashekar says:

    Almost had tears in my eyes! What a great mission it was!! Kudos to Team Rosetta, humanity would be proud of you.

  • Glenn Crawford says:

    Are you sure this was not staged?

  • h.duran says:

    Is it me or is there a tyre track on that hill.. zoom a bit in the picture please. Can sombody explain this?

  • h.duran says:

    There are flying Stones on that picture asswell something is fishy over there 🙂 is this a joke?

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