• jolka says:

    Thank you!

    I couldn’t wait to hear from you regarding that.

    Is there a place where I can find more up to date (posted more frequently) informations about situation or is this blog the best place to watch?

    Good luck with that and I hope we all get nice gift for christmass by reestabilishing comms with Philae

    • emily says:

      Hi Jolka, thanks for your message. Indeed, the blog is a good place to stay informed for the latest Rosetta/Philae news. If you are on Twitter you could also follow the accounts of @ESA_Rosetta and @Philae2014.

  • Kasuha says:

    Thank you for the update, I really wish you luck establishing contact with Philae again and getting some more science data from the surface.

    If the decision was already made that Rosetta will land on surface at the end of the mission, perhaps it could land somewhere near the Philae? It’s not just about ‘resting together’, it will be performing measurements until impact and these close range measurements might be very useful paired with Philae’s data from both pre- and eventually post-perihelion.

  • logan says:

    Would be thrilling. Now on the range. Energy window closing. All the confidence on Philae Teams. 🙂

  • Marco Parigi says:

    I am counting on a Christmas phone call from Philae…

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