Rosetta at EPSC: Watch press briefing online

Scientists are meeting this week in Nantes, France, at the European Planetary Science Congress (EPSC) to discuss the latest results in the field of planetary science.

A press briefing is being held today at 13:00 GMT / 15:00 CEST to present new results from the Rosetta Mission.

The presenters are:

  • Matt Taylor (Rosetta Project Scientist, ESA);
  • Matteo Massironi (OSIRIS Team, Univ Padova);
  • Fabrizio Capaccioni (VIRTIS Principal Investigator, INAF-IAPS)

The briefing will be streamed live here.

A replay is now available here



  • A. Cooper says:

    Hi Emily

    The video wouldn’t play for me. Will you be uploading it to YouTube later?

    P.S. thank you for asking Holger Sierks my stretch question in the perihelion hangout. Didn’t seem much point in asking them again on this occasion!

    • emily says:

      Once I see that the conference organisers have put it online I will add a link to find it!

      • emily says:

        To follow up, the replay is now available here:

        • A. Cooper says:

          Thanks, Emily. Audio was fine for me.

          Re conferences, do you know which conferences the Rosetta teams will be presenting at in the coming 12 months? So far, we’ve had AGU14, AAS225,EGU 2015 and EPSC15 (and perhaps others?). Every time, I get caught out and have to find time at short notice to look over all the scientific papers presented at the time, their supplementary materials and the general reactions and implications. If I knew in advance, I could plan my time a little more easily.

          • emily says:

            Those are indeed regular conferences in the planetary science/astronomy calendar, usually scheduled for around the same time each year to make life a bit easier, although content of course varies. You might also like to add EWASS, LPSC, IAU and DPS to the list.

  • logan says:

    No audio at my device

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