We’re back! After a pause over the festive period to recharge our batteries (hoping that Philae will soon do the same), the Rosetta blog has now reopened for business. Welcome back to all of you!

Before we preview the exciting year ahead for Rosetta, we’d like to kindly remind you of some blog house rules:

  • Please keep all comments relevant to the blog post that you’re commenting on (repeated posting of similarly themed and irrelevant comments on multiple posts will be considered as spamming or trolling and will be trashed).
  • Please use respectful language when responding to other comments. If you disagree with something, that’s fine, but any comments that are considered aggressive or unnecessarily rude will not be published. Constructive criticism is welcome!
  • While speculation of what you see in the images is welcome (we, too, often speculate), please remember that confirmation of features, processes, etc., will only be provided in peer-reviewed papers, a process that often takes several weeks or months. As usual, we will report on any results presented in a peer-reviewed paper once they are published.
  • Comments including links to sites irrelevant to the post or to unpublished theories or non peer-reviewed papers will likely be trashed.

Many thanks for helping to make this blog an enthusiastic forum for interesting and relevant discussion and debate! And with that, let’s take a look at the year ahead (see next post!).

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2015,

The Rosetta blog team