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Engineers from Rosetta mission control at ESOC, Germany, the Rosetta Science Operations Centre at ESAC, Spain, and the Lander Control Centre, Cologne, will take part in a reddit AMA (Ask me Anything!) on Thursday, 20 November 19:00CET start. Join via this link:





  • Andrew R Brown. says:

    Good Afternoon Daniel,

    Are any more ROLIS and CIVA imagery going to be released?

    Would be interesting to see the ROLIS views during the bounces and also the CIVA imagery from the surface under different illumination and post Philae maneuvering.

    I still wonder if CIVA captured a partial pan during the first bounce as Philae would have been moving so slowly under that very weak gravity.

    Andrew R Brown

  • Marc Sérieyx says:

    Hello, is there any news on the location of the lander Philae ? Is it planned to have photos of this location from Rosetta at smaller distance (10km for example) when location whill be known ? Is it possible to know when the lander will wake up ?

  • Michael Koch says:

    I have a few questions:
    1. When Philae had reached its final touchdown point, were the ice screws used before hammering and drilling began?

    2. Do you have any simulations about Philae’s flight path after the first touchdown ? Where do you expect that Philae is now?

    3. The published 3D model is very inaccurate. It seems the neck region is much too wide, and many details are missing. Please publish the better dataset which is obviously availabkle, as shown here:

  • Adolfo says:

    This AMA would be good to attend specially to explain how the scientist will manage to explain what the cometary nucleus is made of specially when:
    – MUPUS hammer broken before reaching subsoil
    – SD2 dilled on empty space due to not reaching the soil and thus not collecting any sample
    – COSAC was run with no samples
    – PTOLEMY was run with no samples
    – APXS run was with the cover covering the lenses and thus no results obtained

  • Rosso Ticino says:

    From dust to life?
    We can detecte life on Rosetta?
    Spores sleeping milions years…

  • Ed Johnson says:

    Why didn’t the harpoons and push-down rocket fire? Independent controls for the above two items or not?
    Would either one have done the job?.

  • Boshi says:

    Which subreddit?

  • JP says:

    I hope they are free to express their own opinion, and that it does not represent ESA’s views, so that we can get accurate and also inaccurate-but-educated-guess-type answers to our questions.

    We have been quite a crowd asking questions in comments to posts here and there, speculating, trying to understand more about all this. Getting people who can answer some of these questions for a limited amount of time is quite interesting.

  • benjamin says:

    Chouri is a periodical comet and you have noticed a ground as hard as ice. Is there a relationship between those two things ? In space, ice is a result of what ?

    I am technician in thermal energy (Bac+2 DUT) and I search for a job. I am mobile.

  • Andrew Skippers says:

    Hi there,

    Did the lander fail, because The Telegraph said that the lander had sent back all the data, but ran out of steam. Is this a true story that The Telegraph is telling and that it is a successful failure?

  • T Kukkonen says:

    One would expect that rotation of 67P would gradually turn the site of Philae towards the sun and thus enable awaking Philae.
    So, what is the movement of 67P like, in relation to the sun? Does it rotate at all, or in such a way that the gyroscopic force prevents turning?

  • marco says:

    Dust is everywhere… Do you think the solar panels will remain clean?

  • Keith Wilson says:

    When are we going to see the photos taken under the lander?.

  • David Joslin says:

    Question for the AMA ….
    Is it possible for any part of Rosetta to deflect sunlight down onto the philae lander in an attempt to recharge the lander’s battery.

    p.s. incredible work guys, such an inspirational event…. what else is possible now.

  • Farzad Jahankhah says:

    Hi everybody there, Congratulation for this great try on discovery of the source of our solar system. Thanks a lot for all your efforts. Thanks for making communication with rosetta 55000000km far away from our lovely earth. Thanks for the abilities which this brain (human brain) has. I,d like to know after determining the exact position and condition of philae, what is your estimation about the time (years or months) which we should wait for it’s solar panels to get enough energy to come out of hybernation and make communication again with rosseta?
    Again thanks a lot for all your efforts discovering our mysterious world
    Sincerely yours

  • iPPARCHUS says:


  • If exist comet 3D models, movement and speed of Philae known, because it is so difficult to predict where it is?

    It is intended to publish the photos so that the public can get it, in the manner of such Zooniverse?

  • sindre joheim says:

    Is it correct philae turned 30 degrees right from the incoming path when touch down? Do you know why? Is it caused by the rotation itself or did not all three legs hit the ground at the same time?

  • Laura says:

    Awesome idea to have this forum.
    I would really like to know exactly what chemicals Philae “sniffed” when it landed, and can you tell what might have originated from the craft vs. the “atmosphere” of the asteroid…
    Along the same line, I would be interested in hearing about the results of the chemical analysis from the sample Philae drilled from the asteroid itself.
    Finally, it would interest me to hear alternative explanations as to how the comet came to be (besides rejected accretion products),, and what forces are acting on it to draw it into perihelion at such a speed presently.
    Let me know if these questions are more appropriately asked at the AMA session itself, or if it’s ok to ask them in this comment section.

  • logan says:

    Bring a cat along 🙂

  • Null Model says:

    What is the total number of data bytes that have been
    relayed from Philae ? And has all that data been copied
    to backup storage here ?

  • Phil says:

    Are we any closer to finding Philae yet?

  • luis says:

    oye porque fil quedo al lado de un barranco y no en lado expuesto del cometa, crees que si se vuelve a encender pilae pueda moverse a una distancia donde le den los rayos del sol

  • Michele Bergo says:

    how to partecipate to the AMA?

  • Marsh Whateley says:

    What are the opportunities that Philae will wake up and continue with the experiments, what depends for that to happen?

  • Jacob nielsen says:

    @Logan, family?

  • masanori says:

    Hi the ESA staffs!!

    I have a question but not to the engineers. I hope you understand that I am not offending you by asking about this. Because I am not at all.

    I’m a huge fan of your fashion of putting videos from your live webcasts onto Internet with almost no edit. So that one can experience (although not live), for example, that long almost-desparate 40 minutes of wait time on the Wake Up date, and now also the strangely-long debate in the control room after Philae’s touchdown was first announced. But. On the video

    you cut the segment of the lady who is the last person who touched Philae before launch. I think the segment which you cut contained her comment which to me sounded very important today as a person. You must have reason to cut that, but I have no idea on what it is (maybe because I have grown up and still lived in different culture from yours). So if it’s possible, I love to know your reason. Thank you very much.

  • Tony George says:

    Am I right to understand Philea has stopped.

    Will Philea charge up when the comet gets closer to the sun and start communications again?
    Will Philea “tweet” the instant this happens?

  • Pete Lefis says:

    Unfortunately, I cannot attend the event. Could someone ask whether (possibly when:) ) Rosetta will ever spot Philae yet? Whether we can eventually see some photos of the probe hiding somewhere in a ditch, as well as some deductions of the overall trajectory it managed to travel around the comet since the very first touchdown to its current location?

  • Thanks for keeping us informed!

  • Ed Johnson says:

    It was mentioned that it would take 50-60 Watt hours to bring Philae’s batteries up to working temperature (>0ºC). What is the thermal time constant involved, in a vacuum, this could long or short depending on how the batteries are attached.

  • Rocio says:

    Do you have any news about Philae? Will it wake up again?

  • Team:

    1) When will you have your next hangout?
    2) When will you post your next set of images?
    3) Have you found Philae yet?
    4)How could the lander drill work with so little no lander attachment to the surface?

    Thank you

  • Team:

    A few more questions:
    5) Have you determined why the “harpoons” didn’t fire during the landing?
    6) What have you learned about the ice and rock core of the comet so far?


  • Rocio says:

    What kind of molecules will you hope to find at the comet?

  • Carmen says:

    Can Philae’s disturb the velocity of the comet?

  • Carmen says:

    If Philae is separated from the comet, could fall into a black hole?

  • gaetano pollio says:

    buonasera , se dalle analisi si riscontrasse il fatto che le comete sono portatrici di vita , del seme , e’ possibile anche che un pianeta come la terra ,piu’ antico della stessa e brulicante di vita , impattando
    con un grosso corpo celeste e disintegrandosi in miliardi di pezzi , possa aver svolto lo stesso compito delle comete disseminando vita nell’universo ?

  • Rocio says:

    When do you expect the tail of the comet will appear?

  • A S says:

    Link please! 🙂

  • Thanks!!

    Does “here” mean as an update to this post? Or will you post a separate blog item?

  • Lars Ö says:

    Is it just me, or has the link not been posted yet 18.30 CET?

  • Edward A Romana says:

    Are coulomb forces, that is static electricity forces,
    forces between the lander and the comet,
    during the touchdown and the subsequent hops,
    ever greater than Newtonian gravitational forces

  • teo says:

    Guys, where is the link for AMA ?

  • Peter says:

    The link is not posted here around 18:58CET this evening!

  • Ljubica says:

    Hi, will Philae be in danger as the comet gets closer to the Sun? Under assumption that everything will be ok with the lander by than

  • Johannes Bauer says:

    Where is the link? it is 19:02 but no link has been posted here… 🙁

    • Johannes Bauer says:

      disregard my earlier message. the link suddenly appeared.

  • Per says:

    What’s the trade-off between giving all us curious out there info about the Philae findings and “saving it” for later scientific papers?

  • Lincoln Ball says:

    As far as you can tell what sort of organic chemicals have been found on the comet?

  • an dlr herrn dr. stephan ulamec: sind sie gebürtiger salzburger und in salzburg-maxglan aufgewachsen? Wo in maxglan? Ich melde mich nämlich aus aiglhof. was rolis be able to send images during the three touchdowns and after the final one? because i hav´nt seen such yet. Nach der endgültigen landung: haben alle drei landebeine bodenkontakt, oder hängt das eine oder andere bein in der „luft“? danke, und weiter viel erfolg mit philae und rosetta und natürlich darüber hinaus!

  • Axel says:

    Is it true that the harpoons failed because the nitrocellulose in the combustion chamber was not properly vacuum condition tested ? And if true (everybody can make a mistake), and this was known already 1 year ago by the designers, why didn’t they tell esoc, so that perhaps other arrangements could have been made ?

  • Henrik Krag-Jensen says:

    Where is the link to the reddit AMA

  • deezee says:

    Where is the link for the AMA which was supposed
    to start a few minutes ago? dz

  • Rodger says:

    19:19 CET. No reddit so far….?

  • deezee says:

    In the final landing image titled Welcome to Comet, the
    right antenna of Philae is resting up against a section of the cliff-face and around it are may patches of -what looks to be- smoothed-out material almost looking like it
    had freshly transformed and then frozen to look as though it was melted… Was this caused by Philae reflecting head against the cliff face or is it something which had just been exposed by forcefull contact with the cliff face?

  • Laurent says:

    Where is the link??? Has it started?

  • krzysztof says:

    How long time it takes to load batteries of Philae?
    It is possible to move legs of Phile, for ex. hide them to start position and then reopen again?
    Mission is fantastic.
    Love Christhopher

  • krzysztof says:

    Can MUPUS start functioning again and haeting by drill the point of drilling as mutch as possible?

  • David G. says:

    Is it possible that Rosetta can continue to orbit and follow the comet through an entire comet orbit and return close to the Sun in 6-7 years?

  • David G. says:

    I don’t understand how to make a comment on the Reddit? Maybe it’s finished and that’s why I can’t do it?

  • A S says:

    The AMA was awesome. A big thanks to the team!

    They’ve even said they’ll come back tomorrow to answer a few questions. Amazing!

  • G Rowley says:

    If Philea does reactivate when it gets closer to the sun how robust is it and would it be capable of remaining active for a little while ? obviously the increased tempretures could create problems but what would be your best ‘possible’ scenario ?

  • Tom Fisher says:

    I’m sure it’s already been considered, but… Could Rosetta be used as a mirror to reflect sunlight down onto Philae and help charge the batteries?

    Peace and long life.

  • Bill says:

    Thank you– this was a very informative Q&A session.


  • Hans says:

    Well, meanwhile it’s nearly 3 o’clock in the night from the 20th to the 21st of November, but there isn’t any link to the discussion. Was it removed after finishing or what happend?
    Anyway I couldn’t find any track of it on reddit. So can’t one read the discussion somewhere if one wasn’t online during it happend?

  • Sni says:

    Fantastic AMA but….
    I still want more

  • Bill says:

    Ah, this new-fangled Twitter and Reddit stuff– I can’t find out anything more than this Tweet-thingie:

    ” Save the date! Wed. 17:00 CET, #DLR @Philae2014 & instruments team will be answering q’s on #Reddit #AMA.Details to follow #CometLanding KR ”


    • Bill says:

      Reddit AMA:

      “”We are comet scientists and engineers working on Philae and Rosetta. We just triple-landed a robot lab on a comet. Ask us Anything!””

      And here it is, just started:


      • Bill says:

        Good discussion– I just waded through it.

        Quick crash course on Reddit– is there a quick and unpainful way to copy the entire discussion to my PC so that I can review, edit and collate it later? With all the links, etc, etc, it will be real tricky to do. I may have to go online and simply dig the questions and replies of interest out “manually”.



  • Cometstalker says:

    A recipe of black mars mallow would be nice

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