Update from Stephan Ulamec, Lander manager at DLR:

“We’ve got data – all the house-keeping data and data from COSAC – although we’ve no idea what’s in there yet. The drill (SD2) moved up and down, but again, we don’t yet know what we have.”

“We did the lift and turn; the landing gear lifted by about 4 cm, and we turned about 35 degrees.

“The carousel of Ptolemy was also turned and we are running Ptolemy for a concentrated ‘sniff’.”


Instrument reminder:

COSAC: The COmetary SAmpling and Composition experiment (detecting and identifying complex organic molecules)

PTOLEMY: an evolved gas analyser, which obtains accurate measurements of isotopic ratios of light elements, such as hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen.

SD2: Sampling, drilling and distribution subsystem (drilling up to about 23 cm depth and delivering material to onboard instruments for analysis)

Philae's instruments. Credits: ESA/ATG medialab

Philae’s instruments. Credits: ESA/ATG medialab