• Santiago says:

    Congratulations !!!

  • Andi says:

    Gratulation, Suuuuuper!

  • ana says:

    Congratulations ESA! After 10 years waiting, success!!!!!

  • dick says:

    Amazing, unbelivible, congratulations!!

  • AndreH says:

    Yes!!!!…..Is Philae in good shape ? When will we learn more….can’t wait

  • Marco says:

    You all are great, thanks for this fantastic achievement !
    I’m really proud to be European.

    • Blake says:

      I’m proud to be human!

      • paul says:


        There are moments that give a brief glimmer of hope that we may yet as a species thrive in this universe.

        Well done.

  • Nana says:

    WE DID IT!This is fantastic,can hardly express my feelings.It is finally a success for all humankind.Thank you ESA for this wonderful event and for sharing this mission with us.I`m so proud!:)))

  • Rene says:

    Have you decoded the radio signals coming from the comet?

  • TristanVash38 says:


  • Edward Philpott says:

    Well done!!!!!!!!! This is a great moment not only in terms of science but in terms of European engineering skill.

    • Maxelino Brando says:

      America could do it better!!!!

    • Maxelino Brando says:

      Actually I was joking with that last comment. Europeans have achieved something unbelievable!!! Imagine launching a ship from earth, directing it to catch up with an asteroid and orbiting that asteroid as it hurtles through our solar system (over the span of 10 years). That is an incredible feat in itself. Then landing on that asteroid?!?!?! MINDBOGGLING!!!!!!!!

      I can also say that I am proud to be European (at least on my mother’s side)!!!

  • Jon Goldstein says:

    Problem with the harpoons deploying? Waiting for pics.

  • Juan Simón says:


  • Nana says:

    Congratulations!!!We did it,can hardly express my feelings!This is a success for all humankind and we showed what we can do.Thank you ESA for this wonderful event and for sharing this astonishing mission with us!I´m so proud!:)))

  • Rodolfo García Pacheco says:

    Congratulations to the men and women of ESA! You have done a marvelous job and deserve all the praise in the world. And you have given us science lovers the thrill of a lifetime. Thank you a million times!!!

  • Greg says:

    is this an actual picture? How can that be, if there was only one lander?

  • Thierry says:

    Demander à une machine de rechercher l’origine de la vie a des relents de science-fiction mais avec Philae la réalité est plus étonnante encore !
    Félicitations à toutes les équipes de l’ESA et des sous-traitants ayant travaillé sur ce projet.

  • Rebecca Dittman says:

    Congratulations. You’ve just got your cherry!

  • Rebecca Dittman says:

    Congratulations. You just got your cherry!

  • Peter says:

    Well done, team!

  • Chris Timbermont says:

    AT the age of ten I witnessed mankind landing on the moon. Now, at the age of 55, witnessing humankind landing on a comet makes me feel ten again!!! What a privilege, what an audacity!!! Thank you ESA!!!

  • Kimberly Graff says:

    Congratulations to all at ESA!! What an awesome accomplishment!

  • Erik Lebbing says:

    Congrats to everybody who made this posible!
    So curious for the future. Hurray for science!

  • JHMcG says:

    Hurrah! Bravo!

  • I hope these darn anchors work soon.

  • Nana says:

    Congratulations!!!We did it,it´s so exciting.This is a success for all of humanity.This shows what we can do.Thank you ESA for this wonderful event and for sharing this astonishing mission with us!I´m really proud!:)))

  • H.L says:


  • Johannes demooij says:

    It is a victory for those who has so worked hard to foevill this.

  • upiorek says:

    Great success!

  • Barry says:

    So, tell us when the first photo is expected. Give some textual info in the live video to say what already happened and what we’re waiting for. I finally was able to view the live video about 10 minutes after touchdown and all I heard was speeches with no mention of a successful landing or when there will be photos. Links to the blog didn’t work.

  • Mariusz says:

    Yeah!!! Philae was touching down on 67P when I was taking off from Dusseldorf airport. When I landed, it is there, confirmed, can’t believe it, wow!!! 🙂 Congratulations ESA!

  • George says:

    Link is no good… Take the space off the end of the link.

  • paulien says:

    Congratulations with this landing! Amazing that you managed it.
    I hope that the test results will give us way more knowledge about some great issues.
    But, for now, you all deserve a glass of champagne (or two)

  • logan says:

    Be our hart and soul, Philae.

  • Lois says:

    Awesome!!! Congratulations to all of you!!!

  • AndreW says:

    You made me proud of mankind!!!

  • Cometstalker says:

    Looking forward to get the first closeup images that now might be on its almost halve hour travel through space against very heavy frontal solar induced proton and photon traffic

  • HeftyJo says:

    So, does this probe not have a camera to take pictures of the surface? Usually on a Mars mission a picture from the surface is usually one of the first things the probe is programmed to do.

  • Robin Sherman says:

    AMAZING!!! What a day for ESA, Europe and Humankind.
    Europe has shown how collaboration and cooperation can achieve great things. Lets hope others learn that lesson. We see it at CERN and at ESO and in the daring international projects of ITER and the ISS.

    As Rosetta demonstrates so well, the benefit is not just in the result, but the journey to get there.

  • chuckster says:


  • Fantastic Job! #science

  • DavidF says:

    Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing Philae’s scientific results.

  • Luis Romero says:

    Woow, a Wonderful news. We are expecting to know our origins.

  • logan says:

    Please don’t fire the harpoons. If decided delay until the first and second block is done :/

  • ClaireC says:

    Grand jour pour la science. Congratulation.

  • Se l’ Unione Europea e l’ Europa tutta e il mondo intero,l’umanita’ intera ,fosse unita nel bene e solo nel bene ,veramente ,la nostra specie avrebbe il motivo di ess
    sentirsi saggiamente intelligente ed onestamente felice di esistere.

  • Padraig Meehan says:

    I see reports that the foot-screws have penetrated the surface. Will that be enough for a successful mission?

  • radek says:


  • James Garry says:

    Well done to all who took part in this audacious project!

    Looking forward to Philae digging in with its little augers, and settling in for an exciting next few months.

  • Padraig Meehan says:

    I also want to add my congratulations, of course. Whatever happens from this point the mission is an outstanding demonstration of co-operation and skill. Well done.

  • Max says:

    – no registered dampening from the landing gear
    – no harpoons fired
    Is it really on the comet? Or is it floating in space?

  • Carol Lanigan says:

    Congratulations to everyone involved. What an amazing achievement.

  • Milan Kolenčík says:


  • Congratulations on this great achievement. You are a great team.

  • alberto59 says:

    Just great. You did it ! Thank you, guys.

  • domezzzz says:

    ¡¡¡ Enhorabuena !!!

    Otro gran paso para la humanidad.

  • Umbe says:

    Le cose belle fatte dall’uomo.

  • Edouard says:

    I am so f!cking happy right now. This is insane. Woah.

  • Chris Baier says:

    What a great news !! Congratulation to all the people from ESA and other who spent so much time, energy and trust to make it happens. It was definitely worth it and you owned it !
    I’m looking forward to hear the updates from you !

  • Gustavo Pereira says:

    Congratulations, ESA! We’re all very proud of you people.

  • Hurra for Rosetta!

    Humankind should be very much better , we all in peace,respect,solidarity, we would be united in the best.

    Our specie would join Heaven here where we everybody people of the Earth are living and were born,and the new generations will have a better destiny.

    God will not suffer anymore for human kind missbegaviour.

  • Rhea says:

    One small landing for Philae, one GIANT leap for ESA and Humanity. Congratulations!!!!!

  • Pete says:

    Congratulations to ALL @ ESA quite an accomplishment for 10 year old technology. Of course, this particular Comet waited for 4.5 Billion yrs. or so that we might land on it.

  • Shannon says:

    Congrats to all who have worked on this! It is an extraordinary acheivement! Looking forward to all we will learn from this. Well done!

  • Čikić Nenad says:

    I have also problems with livestream. At home on Ubuntu and with Firefox it goes for 10 seconds and blocks. At work on windows 8 it was good today. Also on my son’s smartphone with android ver. 4.4 it is working but without sound.
    Anyway waiting for first pictures.

  • Silvio Spera says:

    Complimenti a tutti i membri dell’ESA138

  • hank says:

    Well the body language from the live feed (silent) is not encouraging, did the harpoon make the lander bounce away? XKCD indicated uncertainty …

  • David Shomper says:

    Wow. Just wow.

    DS, Apollo engineer

  • Sputnik01 says:

    It’s great, but how do we secure little Philae to the surface? Without any kind of anchoring, if we try to drill into the surface, Philae will just be pushed up instead of the drill going down.

  • Jean-Jacques Bourgois says:

    Great job!
    Congratulations to all the team!

  • it’s great ! Well done! Good work on the comet
    Это действительно большой шаг в истории космонавтики. Огромный опыт, и пример того, что это можно сделать. Успешной исследовательской работы Philae на комете. Держись там покрепче Philae !!

  • zebo-the-fat says:

    Well done to everyone involved, can’t wait to see the pictures!

  • Milazotto says:

    Parabéns a TODOS. Um marco para a humanidade!!

  • Franco Bal says:


  • kingkurt says:

    a good landing in my life. you never come back, but you stay in our mind forever!

  • Peter says:

    Wow, what’s next? World Peace?

  • Charles says:

    Welcome to house now your new house Philae !! The 67P comet Welcome to the humanity history and next books in the present and future Roxetta, congratulations Engineers, EESA, NASA and mmm yes!! Too people LOL historic Day!!…but now here please Philae hold fast to Agilkia!! Thxs

  • Thomas says:

    well done 🙂

  • Mike says:

    Who took the picture?

    • eSpace says:

      The illustration above is not a photograph. It is an artist’s rendering.

  • Ash says:

    Congrats peepz!!!!
    This is truly amazing.

    Now to see what kind of information we get back.

  • Mita says:

    GJ to all of you who made this possible.

  • Saboor says:

    Congratulations to ESA

  • ateeba says:

    well done 🙂

  • Congratulation to esa.

  • Cassie L. Huber says:

    Bruh : /

  • lsquared says:

    Bravo! That is amazing!!!

  • Onur says:

    Omg! It’s very nice!!

  • deb says:

    great job!!

  • Ritesh says:

    Well done on behalf of South Africa! We’re really proud of you guys from here too!!!!

  • xsnake says:

    Gee….I remember when America had a space program….shame the comrade in the WH jettisoned it.

  • rocice says:

    A job well done!

    Don’t invite the neighbors for luch!

  • j4K3 /\/\450/\/ says:

    Who took the picture?

  • Mike S says:

    Great to hear! Powerful stuff.

  • Victor says:

    Congratulations to ESA !

  • Richard says:

    So cool!!!

  • Edwin Pells says:

    Congrats :):):)……..

  • Carlo says:

    Unbelievable accomplishment, job well done.

  • P-A says:

    Great news!! But How was the picture taken?? Hum…

  • Hassan says:

    Congrats! Landing a Robot on a tiny speeding celestial object, such as a comet, billion of kms away.. that’s the art of precision!

  • Petr says:

    Thanks guys for moving science to the frontier of the humankind’s knowledge. Congradilation from me and from some Russians near by. Good luck with water hunt. Поздравляю, удачной охоты на воду!

  • Ari Porzecanski says:

    Great job! How exciting! #cometLanding

  • Mohd Mohsin Khan says:

    Its a Beutifull

  • IRI says:

    Rosetta spacecraft, zoom in camera? The lander didn’t get there by itself.

  • Pascal Garain says:

    Absolutely great achievement! Congrats.

  • Zia Khan says:

    Congratulations to the team…..

  • Sandeep Sinha says:

    Excellent.. congratulation. will look forward for more positive outcomes

  • Mohan says:


  • Krishantha says:

    Nice Job.. Well done!

  • jared says:

    Fantastic, very proud of you. These are the types of achievements I miss from NASA. At least I can share with my children that other countries are still space-innovating!

    Looking forward to the data!

  • mama marijke en dochter Jana says:

    yes!! hij is goed geland! ” goed gedaan! ”

  • oxana says:

    That’s awesome!!! Congratulations!!!

  • Ellin Callvis says:

    We are OVER THE MOON with happiness for ESA/Philea

  • Byasadev Pany says:

    A momentous occasion for global fraternity !

  • Mehmet says:

    Congratulations (Tebrikler)

  • Kannan says:

    wooowww!!!1… awesome….. congratzzzz

  • Fethiye says:

    Amazing! Congratulations!

  • Randhir says:

    It’s being an honour to witness such a great event.
    It’s feel great for witnessing such a historic event.

  • Ed says:

    Wow….the human brain and what it can conceive is a marvel, Congratulations ESA, no doubt you have some of the finest minds in the world…Enjoy the moment

  • sam.c says:

    Who the hell shot this picture?

  • doug says:

    Congratulations! Great success!

    is this an actual picture? How can that be, if there was only one lander?

  • Peter says:

    Just brilliant! Well done, and congratulations to everyone involved.

  • Great job, Congrats to the scientist who are involved with this project.

  • owen ligghtfoot says:

    totally awesome congratulations extra thanks to the irish engineers

  • Adolfo Marxsen says:

    Congratulations to all at ESA

  • Dmitriy says:

    Great moment for humans! Congratulation ESA!

  • Lucian I Paul says:

    Awesome and congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Toncea dorinel says:

    Congratulations you all !!! i respect your work verry much

  • kailas says:

    Congratulations! success!!!

  • SATSILAER says:

    GREAT! When can we see the comet surface images?

  • Daniele Rostellato says:

    Great job! Awesome moment for the whole Planet Earth.

  • Kathy King says:

    Congratulations ESA – incredible to watch!

  • Kees Kaper says:

    Congratulations very good tem work ESA and SED Systems

  • faazil says:

    congratulation on achieving success after 10 yrs, fingers crossed for the rest to come. wishing all the best for philae.

  • Theo says:

    Amazing!! Successful achievements such as this truly keep me inspired and motivated. They are unbelievably exciting to read about. Congratulations to all those who helped make this happen….keep up the inspiring work!

  • Kees Kaper says:

    Congratulations very good team work ESA and SED Systems

  • PWC says:

    Despite being a science professional (electrical engineer), landing on this comet – any comet! – still boggles my mind. This and similar achievements show that humanity is capable of almost anything … limited only by imagination, physical materials, distance, time, and $s. Each astounding success like this brings humanity ever closer to the “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow” … ultimate harvesting of the universe’s vaste, untapped resources for the perpetual survival of mankind on Earth, and eventual human emigration to extraterrestrial worlds should conditions on Earth threaten our species’ survival.

  • mulan says:

    Gefeliciteerd, erg goed gedaan!!

  • Who took the photos of the touchdown?

  • Alberto Atencio says:

    ¡¡¡Excelente!!!… ¡Felicitaciones!…

  • francesco says:

    Congratulations you all. Thanks ESA for this unforgetable experience!

  • Dave says:

    Worth all the hard work, great achievement to all.

  • eSpace says:

    Incredible!! Thank you for taking us along on this fantastic adventure!

  • Antoine says:

    Deepest congratulations to all of you ESA members! You made history and the story only begins… I can’t wait to get the first result and I am proud to be European! Thank you very much for elevating us above our everyday lives and focus our attention to one of the greatest challenges brought to human kind: where do we come from?

  • Marcelo Valero says:


    Que trabalho notável!! Parabéns a toda equipa da ESA envolvida nesse projeto de 10 anos !!

    Waiting pics!

  • adrian p says:

    Huge step for science and for our young generation.

  • John bulmer says:

    Bloody brilliant chaps.

    This is a magical day.

    Thank you for allowing the world to participate in your moment of glory.


  • Bob Morris says:

    Well done ESA!

  • gosselin says:

    Congratulations! On est si fier de vivre cela avec vous !! Bravo ! Vous M avez donné une belle occasion de parler espace et comète avec ma fille de 5 ans.

  • Pietro says:

    I Philae good!

  • oneaty says:

    Maybe this pic is really Philae’s, but I doubt it has really made it.
    Why the urry to the big show after the suposed successful landing?
    Why the silence when the young guy from one of the control centers told for the first time that the harpoons didn’t shoot?
    This seems to be less about science and knowledge and more about a political and economic Europe display.
    I followed all day long and it doesn’t compare with Nasa’s events, when you feel that they don’t need to hide anything. Besides, they’re not so worried in showing handsome eccentric fashion scientists.
    I definitely don’t trust what I saw so far.

  • Önal duran says:

    Congratulations Hüman! This means it contains amino acides and water for life

  • Pictures … or it didn’t happen 😉


  • Francesca says:


  • Alex says:


    Now make sure to hunt for more funding. We need to see Europa and Titan as well! 😉

  • Kees Kaper says:

    Congratulations very good team work ESA

  • Jorge says:

    Very nice job!! Congratulations from Spain to all ESA team for this incredible event! It will make history!

  • Marc says:

    Fantastic result. Proud to be European ! High five to the Rosetta team and ESA who made this possible.

    One small lander on a comet, a giant leap in robot space exploration

  • Oliver Findlay says:

    This is just mind blowing. How can anyone with any reasonable sense of what it is to be a human being not be proud of this moment. WELL DONE ESA!!

  • Salvatore says:

    Congratulations !

  • THOMAS says:

    This comet-landing is by far the greatest technical achievement in space exploration since the Moon landings nearly half a century ago (which I witnessed as a starry-eyed teenager). What is so impressive here is that the Rosetta/Philae team had to adapt to an environment and to circumstances which they only discovered for real around a hundred days ago.

    And even if Philae is finally prevented from delivering anything more than the data we received during its descent and in the first instants of its contact with the comet, the mission as a whole will stand in history as an extraordinary scientific success. Any problems there may be with the Philae part of the mission will be solely the comet’s fault: the Philae team has done a magnificent job and could not have done more to try to give us the information the lander was designed to acquire.

    In any case, whatever has happened to Philae, the mission will go on with Rosetta itself.

    Hats off to all involved!

    • logan says:

      Don’t give up so easily, THOMAS 😉

      • THOMAS says:

        Hi, Logan, I’m certainly not giving up! As I wrote on another thread yesterday during Philae’s descent (, while indeed being pessimistic about Philae’s chances of survival in the jaws of this lion and of being able to transmit usable data to Rosetta due to electromagnetic interference, “I’m as keen as anyone for Philae to provide the observations and data which should settle the conflict between competing cosmic models once and for all”.

        From what I understand, the CONSERT instrument, in particular, might well be functioning That would be excellent news since it will be able to provide the crucial data on the internal makeup of the comet’s core. We will thereby at last know if it is largely solid rock as I (and many others from the EU perspective) assert, or if its interior is basically hollow (and perhaps partially ice- or water-filled) as standard theory must postulate to account for the observed density of only 40% that of water.

        This is where the scientific findings will start to get even more interesting!

  • Thierry ROBERT says:

    Des émotions particulières que je n’avais ressenti qu’au début des années 70 , lors du programme Apollo ,me reviennent aujourd’hui !

    Je lève mes yeux au ciel et je pense à nous , particules de vie dans cet univers si inconnu ,et aux frontières si lointaines..

    Félicitation à ceux qui ont imaginé ce programme ,ceux qui l’ont mis en oeuvre et l’ont fait aboutir.

    Merci !

  • Ruud kroon says:

    Geweldig, weer een mijlpaal voor de mensheid. Ben benieuwd naar de bevindingen. Geweldige samenwerking ESA !

  • nickenino says:


  • Kevin says:

    Way to go ESA!!! Waiting anxiously for the first POV landing site pics! Cheers from the US.

  • deteodoru says:

    As a veteran of the macromolecules revolution I find myself sinking in a tar pit of bioproteins with no solid bedrock in sight. So I hope the cosmos guys have better luck than molecular biologists in finding some unifying principle that they can exploit to come at a sense of universal order. Certainly medicine has yet to reap the eureka of molecular biology enough to cheer as much as the engineers are cheering today…well deserved congratulations guys!!!

  • +1
    Well done.
    About that bounce…?

  • Feeling prouds much.
    All the best to our team!

  • Fredrik says:

    Silence, no pictures, something gone wrong? Did it sink that deep because of the thrusters? Like taking a photo from within a milkshake? Did it disconnect and drift into space. Many ??? launched for us following this on the web. Talk to us, we are so curious to see the pictures. I havent found any info on you site so far whats going on.

  • Nalson Sarhari says:

    Congrates ESA budies!!!

  • VARUN V PAI says:

    Congrats philae & ESA….! Mission accomplished. Rossetta..Keep watching your baby 😀

    On behalf of INDIA

  • Marco says:

    It appears that all the science experiments are working bar the pictures. It landed three times, with a gap of 2 hours between the first two times. By my rough calculation, it couldn’t have been more than a few metres or so back in the air, on virtually the same spot. Possibly less than half a metre! Enough movement to blur the pictures, but otherwise the slightest of hops that did not affect anything else..

  • Troy says:

    Hmmm. A tall tale to pillage tax dollars perhaps? I wan’t born to be witness to the fake moon landing but I saw the reruns. Blasphemy to the elders and those who yearn for Star Trek absurdities. Congratulations.

    The size of the lie is a definite factor in causing it to be believed, because the vast masses of a nation are in the depths of their hearts more easily deceived than they are consciously and intentionally bad.

    The primitive simplicity of their minds renders them more easy victims of a big lie than a small one, because they themselves often tell little lies but would be ashamed to tell big ones.

    Even with their phd’s… -P

    • logan says:

      Hi Troy. 99% of what you know, you just ‘trust’. Have you checked all of your knowledge treasure?

  • Kamal Lodaya says:

    Around 1998 Vallidasan, editor of the children’s science magazine “Thulir” (written in Tamil), persuaded me to write a science story for a special issue. I had read about ESA’s Giotto and the surprises that Halley’s comet presented to it. I wrote a story about humanity attempting a (soft) landing on a comet nucleus. My story ended with the craft missing the comet because of the unanticipated “potato” shape (then deemed to be “bizarre”), size and gravity. (I attribute
    some inspiration to Italo Calvino’s story Distance of the moon.)

    ESA, I am delighted that the history of science has proved my puerile science fiction wrong!

  • DavidW says:

    Firstly well done and I join with all the others to give you a hearty congratulations.
    I am a bit concerned at the lack of updates from yourselves (I know you must be all exhausted) but as I am writing this I am getting updates from the BBC news to say that the lander is now stable.
    I don’t quite understand, I thought you would perhaps relay any news updates yourselves on this blog or the ESA main website for all of us thousands of long and loyal followers.

  • Awesome! Congrats to another step in history!

  • Prashant says:

    Many congratulations for magnificent and remarkable achievement. Well Done! Making the impossible into possible is truly the ESA’s style.This is a rare recognition which is well deserved and will give you an opportunity to spread your wings futher. It is indeed a historical moment for ESA team in their scientific endeavor to trace our origins. I have been following Rosetta Mission closely since its inception back in 2004 and have to say again that it was most daring missions I have come across.

    May this sucess lead ESA to a greater achievements in years to come. Aim for the Stars.

    Keep Rocking guys !!!

    • William says:

      Hi Prashant, I would be interested in your response to my comment posted 14.11.14. For example, during the period you have been observing or following this exercise, have there been any discussions about the possibility of accidental change to the comet’s trajectory as an unintended consequence of the landing?


    Felicitaciones por haber alcanzado lo máximo em tecnologia y este es el comienzo de la descubierta maravillosa del acto de Dios al crear el universo. De ahora em adelante, ustedes, tienen em sus manos las respuestas que esperaron no solo 10 años y sí 14.000 millones de años para ser respondidas. Nadie y nada los superarán, Ustedes son los mejores del mundo!.

  • William says:

    My colleague, an amateur physicist, told me this morning that according to his observations and calculations, there were two significant impacts upon the comet by the landing craft and a final minor impact at the time of final stable positioning on the surface. He has suggested that each of the significant impacts may have had the effect of slightly varying the trajectory of the comet. Has the ESA team investigated these possible changes to the direction of flight of the comet? If not, will the ESA do so and widely publish the technical data resulting from the investigation?

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