• Peter Taylor says:

    well done CDSCC-

  • Jeff Parker says:

    Good luck to you all and a safe journey to little Phlae.

  • uncle9 says:

    Not much of a blog. Last post hours ago.

  • vig zsolt says:

    nagyon izgat a téma sok sikert

  • Cometstalker says:

    Thats an impressive signal to noise ratio from about 0,5 Tm distance, you can speed up the baud rate.

    • Phil Karn says:

      You can’t tell the SNR from just that graph. There are no units on the vertical axis and no indication of the resolution bandwidth. It is probably just the carrier component in a very narrow bandwidth, which will always look pretty strong.

  • Pari&Indra says:

    Fantastic! !!!!
    Good luck !

  • Bill H. says:

    Congratulations to our EU friends from the United States!! What an amazing and historic accomplishment for you. We are proud to be your colleagues and friends in space exploration. Well done. Rock on!

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