Go/NoGo 3 – Philae ready

Artist's impression of Philae descending to the surface of comet 67P/CG. Credits: ESA/ATG medialab

Artist’s impression of Philae descending to the surface of comet 67P/CG.
Credits: ESA/ATG medialab

The Philae Control Team at the Lander Control Centre (DLR/Cologne) have completed a final check and verification of the lander’s health.

The GO was given at 02:35 GMT/ 03:35 CET.

Following a short manoeuvre set for 06:30 UTC / 07:30 CET, the final GO for separation will be made around 07:35 UTC/08:35 CET.



  • Good luck Philae – we’ve all got our fingers crossed for you!

  • Riccardo says:

    Well done, come on ROSETTA! This is a lovely night!

  • following very closely down here in Australia – only thing is we’ll have to get up in the middle of the night to see if it lands safely.

  • James T. Kirk says:

    Philae – Boldly go where no one has gone before!!

  • To all of you at ESA, we wish you every success in your mission with Rosetta and lander Philae. Not long to go now.

  • Manuel F says:

    This a GO/GO decision:
    -Philae GO down there.
    -Philae GO land on it.

    Madrid still watching live.

  • Faded hippie says:

    Thanks for fueling hopes & dreams around the world! -USA

  • Santiago says:

    Good luck, Philae!

  • Santiago says:

    Good luck, Philae! From South Africa

  • Francisco Hernandez says:

    A class of fifth graders here in San Francisco is excitedly waiting for Philae to land. We have been following the mission since the beginning of our term. Godspeed Philae!

  • Kurian says:

    Wish good luck to Rosetta in uncharted territory

  • César Castro says:

    We are chasing you from every wherein the planet. Be the God of truth signaling your path, ever.

    • Allan Gardiner says:

      Hi Cesar. Here’s your extra-terrestrial English lesson for today, courtesy of Rosetta/Philae.

      “We are ‘following’ [not “chasing”] you from everywhere ‘on’ [not “in”] the planet. ‘May’ [not “Be”] the God of truth ‘signal’ [not “signalling”] your path ‘forever’ [not “ever”].

  • kingkurt says:

    gogo phily… you do it !!!

  • Stephan Barfknecht says:

    To all of you at ESA. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.that this exiting project succeeds!!!

  • VICTOR says:

    And make attonishing discoveries

  • Marius Messerschmidt says:

    Good luck Rosetta and Philae team!

  • Earthling says:

    Patience and Perseverance finally pays off. Lead us into the new frontier Philae! You are but the hopes and dreams of thousands, venturing into the new world. A Kal-El from Earth !!

  • Mike says:

    When I first heard about this mission more than a decade ago, I thought it was science fiction. I’m still in awe at what’s being done. If things like this were happening when I was a child, I’d have become an astrophysicist…. Good luck to everyone involved in this amazing project.

  • Ramon van Gils says:

    Good luck!

  • duncan says:

    Good luck philae. Greatest day in my generation in terms of space exploration. Do mankind proud.

  • Hung Nguyen says:

    Good luck, Philae!

  • YDB says:

    Anxious to see and read the follow up of the day. All the best to all people involved in this project

  • Brian King says:

    I haven’t felt this excited since man landed on the moon many years ago. Every success in this daring exciting wonderful exploration!

  • Rick Sherrell says:

    Good Luck ESA & belated congrats to ISS team…welcome back to Earth. Watching every second into the wee hours of the morning here in Muskogee Oklahoma USA

  • Jeff says:

    I am sad that I won’t live to see what humanity will do in space, and the things that we will discover.

    It was Carl Sagans birthday on November 9th, and I am reminded of his quote. “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”

  • woopaj says:

    “Please don’t go” – No mercy

  • Good luck guys. You have worked so hard and come so far you deserve every success.

  • Benjamin says:

    Good luck from Germany,I should take holiday to watch you live.

  • Oh my, oh my…
    I can’t watch this. This is too exciting.
    Go Philae, go land on that thing and make ESA and all of us proud!!

  • Nitin KV says:

    Good luck teams.. All the best!!!

  • Gabriel says:

    Good luck to all the Rosetta team!
    I guess we’re all about to hold our breaths for eight hours!

  • Jango Fett says:

    Go for it Philae! The next “giant leap for mankind” is about to happen.
    I keep my fingers crossed!

  • Bill Mitchell says:

    I am proud and privileged to have worked on Rosetta at Rutherford-Appleton. Good luck to all my ex-colleagues for the landing. What an achievement!

  • Vladimir Putin says:

    Russia is best

  • Vojta says:

    Good luck Philae! Thanks for inspiring us.

  • Lucio Picci says:

    In bocca al lupo

  • walley says:

    GO Philae! wish you luck

  • Runristaren says:

    God luck Philae!

  • Yves Mennetrier says:

    Ouh, j’ai peur pour toi, Philae ! Bonne chance et plein de belles découvertes !

  • Philae, alles gute und Happy landing und sende doch ein paar schöne Fotos nach Hause 😉

  • Sasquatch says:

    Godspeed Philae, to “boldly go where no space probe has gone before.”
    Watching Live stream from California, won’t much sleep tonight!

  • Redgy Devos says:

    Steady as she goes…Best wishes for succes!

  • Neil says:

    Hi Team, Great progress and all nail biting stuff.

    How about putting two clocks on the main blog page one showing CET or UTC time and the other a countdown clock to the next major event.


  • Peter Stockwell says:

    Good luck – fingers and toes crossed. You can do it!

  • A. Cooper says:

    Looking at the live webcast I’m a bit nervous about those precarious looking paper cups of coffee on the desks. It could mean the first No-Go ever due to a coffee malfunction.

  • Mike Uyl says:

    Komende uren worden heel spannend. Als het lukt heeft de mensheid weer een “giant leap” gedaan.
    Team Rosetta/Philae, good luck from Holland.

  • Tobias says:

    I with you the best from Germany, Philae!!!

  • Haerwe says:

    There are reports that Philae’s nitrogen thuster system failed to pressurize.
    Philae will be unable to use thruster to support touchdown

    Emily, your comment please.

  • Jon Doe says:


  • Shamil S says:

    Good luck

  • Sergio Costa HERACLES LOPES IMOVEIS says:

    Um acontecimento emocionante !!…Torcendo pela Rosetta e todos os grandes cientistas que desenvolveram esse projeto !
    Ao vivo Brasil

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