Update from NASA/JPL’s Susan Kurtik, responsible for support to external agencies at the Deep Space Network.

The DSN is honored to be a part of this amazing adventure! We have been busy validating our systems over the last several weeks and we will have additional engineers at all of our sites to ensure we are ready to provide backup support and capture the incredible images and science from ROSETTA. Attached is the timeline picture of our support.

We will be eating peanuts until landing!


DSN Timeline for ROSETTA Landing

DSN Timeline for ROSETTA Landing



  • Peter Ott says:

    Congratulation – well done so far.

  • Hilary Sternberg says:

    Absolutely incredible! Keeping fingers crossed…..

  • Gerard Gilligan says:

    Good Luck to-day, and make history.

    Liverpool Astronomical Society – England

  • oufti8585 says:

    Congratulation !
    HOW, WHERE to buy the fantastic polo or tee- shirt ” rosetta mission ” ?
    Only for mission’ s members ?

  • Fantastic! I’m so excited about this. Well done to everyone involved, it’s a huge accomplishment for the human race to have even got this far. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, GOOD LUCK!

  • Lorand Lukacs jr says:

    Congratulations to all DSN people for flawless communication to and from Deep Space and their contribution to a successfull mission so far!
    Also with a spacecraft equipped with newer electronic devices than the Voyager Space vehicles.

  • Charles says:

    Congrats, Philae descendíng now!! Great

  • Charles says:

    Congrats, Philae descendíng now!! Great

  • Estefania says:

    So proud of you all 🙂

  • Roberto Gentile says:

    Cogratulations to all the people that working on it
    “Eating peanuts me too!” with all of you following the landing!

  • Diana hess says:

    Great going everyone. This is just “super cometlisticexpialedocious”

  • Jony says:

    I wish Philae and it’s crew good luck and i want to thank you all for sharing all of this with all of us watching. This is an exciting day! Well done so far!

  • Aelson Guerra says:

    Thanks for share this amazing work. Congrats for all.

  • Sebastian says:

    DSS-84 Malargüe rules!!!!! go go go go go!!!!

  • Robert Schwein says:

    Accomplishments so far are fantastic. Hope the remaining events are equally successful.

  • oufti8585 says:

    it ‘ s not a Joke !
    I do believe that a lot of joug CE people want to wear ” rosetta mission” tee – shirt and polo or others things … releted
    We are so pride !
    so where and how to buy ?
    Professor J . Micheels / University of Liege

  • shriniwas says:

    amazing.amusing..satellite is the ultimate owner of the comet an ultimate challenge of the mankind.first time in history where no one has gone before.

  • shriniwas says:

    thanks s d tonpay

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