Andrea Accomazzo at the media briefing on 11 November at ESOC. Credit: ESA/C.Carreau

It was a busy night for the Rosetta and Philae operations team, reported Rosetta flight director Andrea Accomazzo during this morning’s press briefing at ESA’s spacecraft operations centre (ESOC), who delivered the news that the lander Philae did not switch on correctly at first. But, after a reboot, the lander successfully powered up, and preparations are now continuing as planned.

Andrea also reported that the flight dynamics for the Rosetta orbiter looks good, and that the final orbit determination will be made this afternoon.

“We’re ready for tonight with no concerns,” he said.

Tonight sees the start of a series of critical Go/NoGo decisions that must be made before separation can occur (see for a summary of these milestones).

We’ll report the outcomes in blog posts and on our social media channels, and you can also follow live from 19:00 GMT/20:00 CET via