• Juan Pablo says:

    Congratulations for the achievement

  • William Mark Clarke says:

    Way to go!

  • Philip Waite says:

    Many congrats to all concerned. .A Fantastic Achievement

  • Luc Faget says:

    Congratulation for this huge performance. Nothing happens unless first a dream, so let’s keep on dreaming.

  • Pete says:

    ….and now we settle in for the long haul. I want fantastic pictures everyday with insights and analysis and pictures and pictures and pictures. I know I won’t get them and that I’m going to have to be patient! I want, I want, I want…want doesn’t always get thought does it!
    Softly, softly…
    We are an insatiable species…I know it, ESA knows it, we all know it! Thank you ESA for scratching my curiosity itch! Congratulations on the job done so far!
    Wotcha gonna do next then!

  • Sunghee says:

    ” AWESOME Achievement !!


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