Big Burn No. 3 update 19:09 CEST

Today’s orbit correction manoeuvre ended fine, with no issues. Completed as of 17:33 CEST on board (confirmation received ~17:54 CEST on ground). All OK with the mission!



  • bastro says:

    Great news.

    How’s the science going? Can you already measure any particles?
    And how much energy do you produce out there, far away from the sun?

  • serge says:

    Welldone guys….

  • Stephen Missal says:

    Congratulations! We in the states are eagerly following this mission!

  • Rotates says:

    It would be a great thing to share some raw pics with us… (eagerly waiting…)

  • Pablo says:

    Well done Vicente & Flight Dynamics Colleagues. Congratulations & Best Wishes.

  • Pete says:

    That’s all I want to read about Rosetta until she catches up with her target. Just boring, mundane ‘braking burn details’. Keep those nominal burn reports coming ESA…
    All that way and doing as she’s told. A fantastic achievement!

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