Big Burn 2 underway



  • marcello says:

    fantastic notice.

  • Harvey Rutt says:

    26 minutes from Rosetta to ESA, but 18 hours later it hasn’t made it from ESA to the web it seems…………
    *Please* could at least brief updates be more prompt. Obviously managing Rosetta is the priority & people are busy; but ‘Initial data looks good’ or ‘Initial data causes concern’ does not take long to type.

    • Daniel says:

      Hi Harvey,

      Thanks for your note. We sometimes get so busy we forget where we’ve posted what! Just a few minuets after the burn started, we updated Twitter to let everyone know that “All looks good.” See:

      Looking back, I can say that more and more of our minute-to-minute, and hour-to-hour news is going into Twitter, while the blog is being used for fuller, more detailed news, which only comes after the flight control team have had a chance to look at telemetry and assess results, and this always means that it won’t be super timely – or as super-timely as Twitter.

      Let us know: Is it possible for you to follow **both** the Twitter channel ( and the blog? In any event, maybe it’s time that we posted blog updates with suitable reminders, i.e., “No more news here until e.g. tomorrow at lunch time, Follow Twitter for real-time updates.”

      Best regards – and THANK YOU for being in touch, lettings us know how we’re doing and for following this wonderful mission!

      — Daniel

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