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Tracking a ghost mission 238 million km away

Basically, Venus Express is ghosting along in its orbit, with the pericentre height (height of closest altitude above the surface) during each orbit steadily decaying due to gravity and natural perturbations.

Artist's impression of Venus Express Credit: ESA (Image by AOES Medialab)

Venus Express anomaly

On 28 November 2014, the flight control team at ESOC reported lack of contact with Venus Express at the first opportunity for communication with a ground station after execution of the 6th of the pericentre-raising manoeuvres.

Venus Express arrives at Venus

Venus Express will raise orbit and keep going

Between 23-30 November, the operations team at ESOC will conduct manoeuvres to raise the pericentre of the Venus Express (VEX) orbit again, in an effort to keep the spacecraft in productive orbit around Venus.

Venus Express aerobraking Credit: ESA

Venus Express aerobraking: quick update 18 July

Today’s update on the orbit raising manoeuvres of Venus Express, following the aerobraking campaign, is provided by acting spacecraft operations manager Joerg Fischer: Everything appears nominal so far. We have completed eight orbit correct manoeuvres (OCMs), each raising the...

Venus Express aerobraking Credit: ESA

Venus Express rises again

  After a month surfing in and out of the atmosphere of Venus down to below 130 km from the planet’s surface, Venus Express has embarked on a 15 day climb up to the lofty heights of 460 km. Over...

The hottest, bumpiest week yet for Venus Express

Venus Express is now in the final week of its aerobraking campaign, and the spacecraft is about as low as it’s going to get. At last pericentre passage, its altitude was only 129.9 km - and this...

VEX pericentre evolution aerobraking 3 July 2014. Credit: ESA

Venus Express goes even lower

Update contributed by the VEX team – Ed. Here’s the latest plot showing the lowest altitudes reached by Venus Express on each of its aerobraking orbits. Yesterday morning, 2 July, the spacecraft performed another manoeuvre designed to lower...