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Tracking Juno: Here it comes and there it goes

A pair of photos of ESA’s Malargue station that perfectly illustrate how the Agency’s tracking efforts progressed last night. At left, the huge 35m dish antenna is pointing more or less straight up as Juno approached Earth high above Argentina. Of course, Earth rotates, so the antenna had to be continuously tracked down and rotated. At right, finally, as Juno dipped out of line-of-sight below the horizon, the station lost contact with the spacecraft with the antenna pointed low toward the East. The craft continued en route to make closest approach above S. Africa a few minutes after the right-hand image was taken.

First data via Malargüe station: Mars as seen by VMC

Marking its inauguration, ESA’s Malargüe tracking station receives Mars Webcam image. An image of the enigmatic Red Planet acquired by ESA’s Mars Express on 15 December 2012 was downloaded via ESA’s new tracking station in Malargüe, Argentina, symbolising ‘first data’ and recognising formal inauguration. Details on the station’s inauguration via ESA web and ESA media.

Malargüe station mosaic

A mosaic depicting ESA’s new 35m deep-space tracking station at Malargüe, Argentina, composed of several hundred low-resolution Visual Monitoring Camera (VMC) images acquired by Mars Express. On 18 December 2012, the station downloaded a VMC image from Mars Express orbiting some 328 million kilometres from Earth to mark the station’s formal inauguration and the symbolic transmission of ‘first data’. The image was received at ESA’s European Space Operations Centre, Darmstadt, Germany, and processed by the Mars Express mission operations team. Photo mosaic generated using AndreaMosaic, an excellent piece of software!

ESA’s new tracking station gets ready in the Arge...

“Construction is done. Now, we’re in the handover phase, where ESA Engineering is passing the station facility over to ESA Operations and we’re verifying that it meets all specifications,” says ESA’s Roberto Maddè, manager of the construction project. ESA’s new 35m deep space tracking station, DSA 3, located near the town of Malargüe in Mendoza province, Argentina, will join two existing stations – DSA 1 and 2 – in New Norcia, Australia, and Cebreros, Spain, to provide global coverage for the Agency’s deep-space missions. First signals received from Mars Express With major construction complete, teams are preparing DSA 3 for formal inauguration late this year and entry in routine service early in 2013. The...