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2012TC4 flyby

Asteroid 2012 TC4 flyby

This remarkable footage shows the flyby of asteroid 2012 TC4 during the night of 11/12 October 2017. At the time this was recorded, the estimated 10-20 m-diameter asteroid was approaching Earth. It made its closest approach at...

Estrack control room at ESOC

And a simple picture showing how we provide our NASA/JPL colleagues with updates on how our Juno tracking is progressing: you can see a small webcam set up to point at the console display showing the signal being received via Malargue (and, later, Perth) ground station. The NASA colleagues imply log in to the webcam and see, in real time, exactly what we see. ESA engineer John Reynolds, at #ESOC, on the voice loop w/Malargue station while monitoring #junoflyby pic.twitter.com/HvqzLSQ4Ue — ESA Operations (@esaoperations) October 9, 2013

First Junocam image of Earth today

NASA’s Juno now 140,818 km from Earth! First JunoCam image of the day! Taken at 11:07 UTC when #Juno was 206,000 Kilometers from the Moon (via MSSS) – pic.twitter.com/86amdfgF6X — NASA Juno (@Juno_101) October 9, 2013

Tonight’s Juno flyby may help unravel a cosmic my...

This evening at 21:21 CEST, NASA’s Juno probe will whiz past Earth in a crucial gravity assist manoeuvre needed to fling it with sufficient speed to its destination: Jupiter, with arrival set for 2016. The event will also mark another milestone in ESA/NASA cooperation, when two ESA ground stations track the probe, acquiring and recording radio signals that may help unravel the long-standing flyby anomaly, first detected in 1990. If you haven’t yet, stop here and read the news report now live in the ESA website: ESA & NASA stumped by cosmic mystery And Stuart Clark’s report in BBC Future, “Juno: The spacecraft putting sling theory to the test,” is well worth...