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Impacting the ‘dark side’

The Moon is as old as the Earth, at about 4.5 billion years of age. For as long as there have been creatures on Earth able to observe it, the Moon has been there to be seen....

2012TC4 flyby

Asteroid 2012 TC4 flyby

This remarkable footage shows the flyby of asteroid 2012 TC4 during the night of 11/12 October 2017. At the time this was recorded, the estimated 10-20 m-diameter asteroid was approaching Earth. It made its closest approach at...

Magnitude for Florence Credit: ESA

Spotting asteroid Florence

Asteroid 3122 Florence was discovered in 1981. It’s named in honour of Florence Nightingale (1820-1910), the founder of modern nursing. With a diameter of ~4.3 km, Florence is among the largest of the near-Earth asteroids. ESA’s Rüdiger...

Halloween asteroid trajectory

Spotting the Halloween asteroid

While it won’t be visible to the naked eye, for anyone with a telescope, it should be visible, observation conditions (haze, etc.) permitting.

Galileo at work. Credit: ESA/I. Buczek

Finding a comet: the backstory

On 4 February, the Teide Observatory Tenerife Asteroid Survey (TOTAS) team was credited with discovering comet P/2014 C1, named ‘TOTAS’ (there’s a report today in the main ESA website). If you’re not an astronomer, you may have...

Asteroids passing Earth Credit: ESA/P. Caril

SMPAG: Summary of the first meeting

Summary of the first ‘SAMEPAGE’ meeting, 6-7 February 2014 at ESOC. Original article and more details via the nascent SMPAG website. In cooperation with the Action Team on Near-Earth Objects (AT-14) of the United Nations Committee on...