Shipping the second European service module structure

ESM-2 structure. Credits: Thales

ESM-2 structure. Credits: Thales

While the first European service module is getting ready for transport to the USA this summer, the second module’s structure is already complete and heading to its integration hall in Bremen, Germany.

Engineers at Thales Alenia Espace in Turin, Italy have packed up the “chassis” that will support the equipment and provide structural rigidity for the Orion spacecraft. This is the real thing, its trip from Turin to Bremen is the start of a voyage that will send up to four astronauts around the Moon and further than any human being has travelled before.

This flight model, designated European Service Module-2 will arrive in Bremen by the end of the week. From there the tanks, cables, computers, fuel lines, engines and radiators will be installed before it is shipped to the USA.

More pictures in our Flickr album.

Ready for shipping. Credits: Thales Alenia Space

Ready for shipping. Credits: Thales Alenia Space


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  • John Groen says:

    Hopefully we will find life on other planets, even if it is humans on Mars. Let us never forget where we come from and how unique our home planet is. Let us stretch out into the Solar System and eventually out into the stars. Life must continue to move and explore or grow old and die.

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