Update 2: Finally got round to posting everything today. Apologies for the delay. Due to overwhelming participation and the decision to give everybody a little something, we distributed the prizes randomly. Some will receive but an ATV-5 sticker, some will receive patches or even an ATV torch. We ran out of ATV goodies, so astronaut missions are also included in the pot. It is pure luck what you get.

Update: We have decided to give everybody in this tribute gallery an ATV or ESA goodie. You will be contacted shortly via Twitter or email to send us your address. Thanks so much for sharing ATV’s last flight!

When we invited everyone to send us pictures of ATV-5 streaking over skies with the International Space Station for Valentine’s day, we didn’t expect such an overwhelming response. We received inputs from UK, Belgium, France, Norway, Germany, The Netherlands and Poland – wow!

Below are (almost) all the photos we managed to collect including a video. Thanks for sharing this moment with the world, we will miss ATV!

We have not quite decided exactly how we will distribute the prizes (we need to count how much ATV swag we have left) but we know how to contact you…


  • @dermuehle “#ATV5 preceeding #ISS into Earth's shadow 1916 CET from Stuttgart” Germany
  • Huub Eggen @phi48 “Dit is helaas mijn beste foto: #ISS boven, #ATV5 onder.”
  • jvr @jvreymondon “Ok, not the best pic ever but...Amazing! #ATV5”
  • Gerhard Holtkamp “here is a picture I took from the ATV ISS pass this evening” Darmstadt, Germany
  • Detlef Koschny via email, The Netherlands
  • @dk3wn Mike Rupprecht
  • Remco Timmermans: Nijmegen, The Netherlands
  • Jürgen ‏@jb_spiff “ISS chasing ATV5 over opera house and Elbe river in Dresden, Germany”
  • AAW Darmstadt e. V. ‏@AAW_Darmstadt „Die #ISS und der voran fliegende, abgekoppelte europäische Raumtransporter #ATV5 am Samstagabend über Darmstadt“ Germany
  • jb ‏@OrbitalMove “#ATV5 et #ISS 1813utc Feb 14th, from Foix, Pyrenées, South France. Pic went bad, from work. Bye #ATV5 thank you”
  • Nieuws Teylingen ‏@NieuwsTeylingen, The Netherlands
  • Chris ‏@ChrisManon “Sorry, I couldn't get a better one. Found a starry place but light was difficult. Farewell #ATV5”
  • Marco Peuschel ‏@eclipsemarco “Schöner Überflug heute der #ISS wieder. Hier noch tief am Nordwesthimmel . “ Germany
  • Ralf-Vandebergh, The Netherlands (Radar image)
  • @v8wunder “Got it! #ATV5 #GeorgesLemaître followed by #ISS. Shot from Bavaria, Germany. “
  • @unicorn7130 “#ISS & #ATV5 over Stuttgart 14.02.2015” Germany
  • @KmunityOfEquals “Fare the well #ATV5 …Pic yesterday evening #Cornwall … #BigDive” UK
  • @Kevin_Graeff “#ATV5 and #ISS passing over Riedstadt (Germany)”
  • ZauberDerSterne.de @ZauberDerSterne “My best 15-second image of #ISS and #ATV5 over Bonn, Germany.”
  • Koen Bakx pixelXp. @iKooon “Handheld(!) Photo from Tilburg (NL) #ATV5 in between the clouds. Nikon #d800 with Sigma 150-500mm”
  • @dk3wn “1815 UTC My last ever sight of #ATV5 over Germany - visible deviation of #ISS trajectory #ATV”
  • @cgbassa “just departed #ATV5 and #ISS passing over NL”
  • @starlingLX “Over my head #ISS and #ATV5”
  • kanarkusmaximus @kanarkusmaximus „#ATV5 from #Bergen. Good bye!”
  • @Friendsinspace “Bye bye #ATV5! And hello @AstroSamantha!! #FriendsInSpace“
  • @McNumber “Son and I just spotted #ISS and #ATV5 above our house. Greetings from Germany!”
  • @DO7KAY “My pics of the #ATV5 pass”
  • @hieriseric “Spectaculaire beelden van de #ATV5 zojuist getuige van dit event boven hellemond” The Netherlands
  • Malte Flamme @MalteF7799 “#ISS und #ATV5 Überflug”
  • Kevin Gräff @Kevin_Graeff “#ATV5 and #ISS passing over Riedstadt (Germany)”
  • Hans Schremmer @astrohans “30 second exposure of #ATV5 and #ISS”
  • Remco Timmermans @timmermansr “My last ever sight of #ATV5, as it disappears into the Earth's shadow in the East towards Jupiter” Nijmegen, The Netherlands
  • Susanne Pieterse @Susivic “Bright one above #ISS, bright one below is Jupiter and faint one in between is #ATV5 #Farewell” The Netherlands
  • Alex von Eckartsberg @starlingLX “And a blue light saber before disappearing #ATV5 and #ISS”
  • Jeroen van Dorp @jeroenvandorp “Nou ja, goed bedoeld. Boven #ISS onder #ATV5”
  • Sebastiaan de Vet, Above Amsterdam Central Station, The Netherlands, via email
  • Alex Spiller, over Saxony, Germany via blog comments
  • @BigArtimon “Georges Lemaitre up to Ottignies, Belgium sat. feb.14th 2015@18h11 TU”
  • Sternfreund Dirk “my picture shows the ATV5 and ISS on the sky above Stolpen (East-Saxony)” via comments
  • David Müller “The second one is a stack of multiple frames (Unfortunately with a crossing plane” via blog comments
  • David Müller a single frame with 30 second exposure comments docs.google.comfiled0B5uALRtLCB72QU1QRC1DQmVXb2sedit ISS_20150214
  • Ralf Vandeberg via email: “I took this last Friday but in very turbulent windy conditions” Radar image
  • Marco Langbroek via email “ATV-5 was easy to see with the naked eye, even amidst clouds” Leiden, The Netherlands
  • Marco Langbroek via email “ATV-5 was easy to see with the naked eye, even amidst clouds” Leiden, The Netherlands