The joint ESA & CNES team at ATV Control Centre in Toulouse have been monitoring ATV-5 continuously since yesterday’s undocking at 14:40 CET.

The major timeline events today are the two deorbit burns, set as follows:

  1. DEO1 14:29:29 GMT delta-v 51.7 m/s duration 826 seconds
  2. DEO2 17:26:03 GMT delta-v 89.6 m/s duration 1398 seconds

After DEO2 ends at 17:49:18 GMT, the ATV thrusters will be briefly fired to start the craft tumbling, so as to ensure that the atmosphere ‘grabs’ Georges and starts to drag it down to safe reentry. It will enter the atmosphere at about 100km altitude over the Pacific,

Impact is expected at 18:12 GMT; some minutes before this, LOS (loss of signal) will have occurred.