The folks at ATV Control Centre in Toulouse supplied another mission report on ATV Georges Lemaître, three weeks before its undocking. Unloading of water, fuel and air is either finished or almost. With engineering precision the update lists cargo unloading as only 98% finished. The remaining 2% refers to the reentry recorders that will document ATV-5’s demise on 27 February (more about this in future posts)

During last weeks (false) alarm on the International Space Station, ATV Control Centre turned off ATV-5’s fans and Inter Module Ventilation, but they have returned to normal operations. Before that water was transferred to the Stationa in exchange for liquid waste.

The numbers:

  • Dry cargo : transferred 2647kg (98%) (all dry cargo transferred to ISS, reentry recorders left in ATV)
  • Water : transferred 633 liters (75%)
  • Oxygen: all O2 transferred, and 73% of air
  • Refuelling propellant : 860kg.  transfer done
  • Accepted trash : 1398kg
  • Accepted liquid trash : 231 liters