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Page 8-9

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Page 10

For ESA’s last ATV, Georges Lemaître, its mission brochure takes a broad look at everything ATV: past highlights, ATV-5 itself and the future with the Orion spacecraft.

Read the brochure online, download the PDF for offline reading or printing and get up to speed with all things ATV.

The brochure features comparisons with other space freighters, ATV best moments, fun facts and cutaways.

Our human spaceflight colleagues even saw it fit to give a special mention to the ATV blog, making us proud.

Read the brochure in English, German, French, Dutch, Russian or Italian with our interactive Flash app or download the PDF directly and bypass all the Flash here in German, Italian, French, Dutch, Russian and of course English.



  • Stefan says:

    Guys, it’s not nice to publish Flash material, how can I read the brochure here at work where I don’t have Flash? 😀 At least do a pdf version. That said, this is fantastic 🙂

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